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More Brand Awareness AND Profit?

AMPLIFY Your Brand Awareness Connection Profitability Through Events

Until AMPLIFY Workshop 2
Implementing An Omnichannel Approach In 2024 Is The Only Way To Survive & Thrive In The Competitive Marketplace
But something may be holding you back from adding events into your marketing mix…
Non-existent time to get it all done
Lack of resources, processes, or even community
Too much on your plate that’s not getting completed

Introducing AMPLIFY

Give Your Business The Oomph It Needs

AMPLIFY Your Events With A Simplified Roadmap

Overcome your fears and common stumbling blocks with a clear event planning and promotion process, all while heightening your attendee experience and generating a positive ROI. 

What's Included?

Actively Plan With Workbooks

Gain Event Vision Clarity

2 Digital Bonuses Per Workshop

Build Potential Collaborations

Live Feedback From Experts

No More Last-Minute Madness

Keep The Conversation Going After The Event

Comprehensive Training Tested Through 100s Of Clients

Simple-To-Use Planning Frameworks

Let’s Break It Down
Here’s What You’ll AMPLIFY In Your Events
Workshop 1 Recording & Resources
Event ROI, Logistics, & Promotions
April 26, 2024 | 8:30a-12p CST

Build a roadmap to hosting a highly profitable event and overcome the common anxiety of setting a plan in motion. This is simply the start to casting your vision, measuring your efforts, and ultimately standing on your success.

Define Goals, Metrics, & KPIs To Monitor Your Success​
Reach Your Goals With Your Event Logistics & Promotions Roadmap
Boost Show-Up Rates With An Easy-To-Execute Marketing Plan
[UPCOMING] Workshop 2
Event Content Creation & Branding
July 26, 2024 | 8:30a-12p CST

You’ve got your attendees, but how are you going to make them connect with you enough to do business with you? By creating a brand worth remembering. We’ll coach you through our formula to confidently tackle event branding and event content creation.

Efficiently Generate Branded Event Content Stress-Free
Build Strong & Profitable Relationships With Your Attendees
Scale Your Brand For Additional Profitable Ventures
Workshop 3
Event Follow-Through
October 25, 2024 | 8:30a-12p CST

Don’t leave your attendees hanging after your event is over! Create an effective follow-through campaign to continue the relationship and build more business.

Launch Surveys That Attendees Will Actually Fill Out
Leave A Lasting Impression By Staying On Top Of Follow-Through
Create Actionable Campaigns To Continue The Conversation

Meet Your Amplifiers

More Profit, Fun, & Purpose? Heck Yes!

What happens when an event planner partners with a copywriter? AMPLIFY. 

Savannah Becerril is the founder and CEO of Go Savvy LLC, a full-service event planning and promotion company specializing in experiential marketing for businesses and nonprofits. With over a decade of experience in the event industry, Savannah has a passion for helping companies grow through impactful experiences and authentic connections with their audience.

But she was constantly asked questions about promotions, systems, and follow-through strategies. 

When she expressed this pain point with Lauren Jefferson, Co-Founder and CEO of FocusCopy, AMPLIFY was born. 

Being a self-proclaimed systems junkie and having written for over 140+ brands, Lauren paired both of their expertise into something actionable – even for the most marketing illiterate person.

But Savannah & Lauren…

I Still Have Some Reservations

“I’m an introvert, so this workshop seems really intimidating.”

We get it. As 2 of the most introverted people who sure know how to fool a room, we have designed these workshops to be a safe place for you to grow, express yourself, and create meaningful connections that don’t feel like you’re left hanging. 

“I’m an extrovert; there’s too much going on and I can’t nail it down.”

As introverts, we’ve had a unique perspective to see the struggles extroverts experience when event planning. Usually, that includes:

  • Having brilliant ideas that aren’t executed to their fullest potential
  • Building an amazing community and an even better show-up rate (people love you!)
  • Feeling like it was thrown together rather than eloquently weaved into a cohesive plan

Our systems and processes will help you to capture all the details to fulfill your amazing vision.

“I’m not creative nor do I have a marketing eye.”

No problemo! Most of our clients don’t have one either. We’ll guide you along the best practices that we’ve seen work not only for our clients on a budget but for many of our strategic partners as well. Choosing to add event experiences into your marketing strategy isn’t a creative decision…It’s a business decision. 

“I’m not sure this will work for my event.”

We’ve designed AMPLIFY to work for just about any type of event:

  • Concerts 
  • Conferences
  • Festivals
  • Retreats
  • Tournaments
  • Trade Shows
  • Webinars
  • Workshops
  • And more…

Whatever your event, we’ve built a clear roadmap for you to navigate planning and marketing to hosting and follow-through.

“I don’t have an event idea or even know if I want to host an event yet.”

The hardest thing about event planning is figuring out what you are planning. We’ll guide you in determining what type of event fits best for you to actually achieve your business goals. 

AMPLIFY In 1, 2, 3

Choose 1 Workshop Or Complete Series

Determine In-Person Or Virtual Option

Secure Your Seat & Block Your Schedule


Join us at the beautiful Sesh Coworking in the Training Room (2nd floor) for our upcoming in person workshop. 


Yes, we’ll have moments throughout each workshop for you to network both in person and online. 


If you’re joining us in person, we highly encourage you to bring something to take notes, your computer to put our systems into action, and your passion for your business. Business cards don’t hurt either. 

If you’re joining us online, make sure to download your workbook ahead of time. Either fill it out digitally or print it out and take notes.

Once you park, be sure to enter the venue through the grey double doors along Caroline St. There is a colorful bird mural painted above the entrance. Once you enter, the front desk can direct you to the training room on the 2nd floor.


Yes! We are delighted to offer a light breakfast, snacks, and drinks. If you prefer more specific catering, we encourage you to try the Weights & Measures restaurant across the street.


We’ve partnered with Welo to host our virtual workshop. Explore Welo here


Absolutely! We’d love to partner with you. Please contact Savannah at for inquiries regarding sponsorship opportunities. 


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