Get Down To Business With Your Email Marketing

Leaving money on the table with your follow-up (or lack thereof)? It may be time to augment your existing sales funnel with a long term nurture email sequence. Fill out the form to get access to our Email Blueprint to Nurture Your Next Client.

The Real Problem With Your Sales Pipeline

Find Your Prospects Ghost You At Some Point In The Sales Cycle & Have No Idea How To Re-Engage Them Without Feeling Sleazy?

Here’s the sitch…Your target customers want to work with you. But when you approach them, they may not be in the right position to work with you. It may be because…

  • They don’t have the budget allocated to invest in your products or services
  • Their attention is pulled elsewhere (and there is nothing you can do to control that)
  • They mentally aren’t in the right place to move themselves further down the customer journey

Whatever it is…You’re leaving valuable money on the table if you aren’t following up with them the right way.

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What’s The Right Way?

As a woman who means business, following up should not be transactional. You have a superpower that you need to take advantage of…

…And that’s your ability to connect and build relationships.

Step back from the transactional mindset, and step into educating, entertaining, and investing in your target customers.

Our Results

All of this without any extra time required of Co-Founder Lauren Jefferson’s time.

And we’re just getting started!

What could these results mean for your business?

Meet Your Instructor

Lauren Jefferson is the Co-Founder and CEO of FocusCopy, a copywriting and content writing firm based in Houston, TX. As a graduate and now a mentor of the University of Houston’s Wolff Center for Entrepreneurship, Lauren has studied and put into practice how entrepreneurs find success at length – including common (and not so common) mistakes to avoid. Today, the FocusCopy team caffeinates clients’ brand messaging to energize their business’s target audience to take action and become paying customers. More than the copy, she positions herself as her clients’ strategic partner where she helps them grow and scale their businesses. Always finger-tapping across the keyboard with a hot cup of coffee within reach, she enjoys connecting with entrepreneurs and bringing their brand voices to life. 

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