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Before it goes live, there are several people that you need to have review your copy. That may include:

  • Your co-founders
  • Your spouse or partner (give them a chance to be critical 😉 )
  • Your favorite client who is your biggest supporter
  • Your referral partners

Think about the people whose opinion you trust the most and who is willing to give honest feedback. This is not a knock on your skills as a writer. Even as professional writers, we get feedback that may sting from time to time. Put on your thick skin.

When you send your copy, be sure to include the following questions or prompts:

  • Does this copy speak to my audience?
  • If you were my target audience, what objections would you have? 
  • Would you buy?
  • Are there any areas that are confusing and need clarification?
  • Does it flow naturally?

Give them an ideal time frame, and make it easy for them to accomplish this. You can share the Google Docs with suggesting mode on and ask them to leave comments directly on the document. This is the easiest way to do this. 

You could also more systematically receive feedback through interviews or Google Forms. 

AND don’t forget to thank them for their support! A bottle of wine or a gift card to a snazzy restaurant goes a long way. 

Uploading New Copy To Website

It’s time to upload your new copy to your website. 

Congratulations on all your diligent work over these last few weeks!