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Your business’s Home Page is the face of your website. 

Whether or not you use your website as a sales mechanism, prospects will look at your website. 

Your Home Page is by far the most important page you will write besides your actual sales pages. It’s the first thing people see when they visit your website. First impressions are often the deciding factor for whether someone wants to invest any more of their time on your website. 

If you’re having a hard time figuring out what your Home Page should feel like, think of your home’s front porch. You lay down potted plants along the walkway or up the porch steps. There’s a welcome mat and a bright wreath hanging on the door. 

It’s an invitation to knock on the door. 

So they knock! 

And you answer the door.

It would be a waste of a porch if you never invited your neighbor in. Offer them a cup of fresh coffee and freshly baked cookies. 

Are they willing to step over the door frame and enter your home?

Well, it depends on how you invite them in. 

In this Blueprint, we’ll identify your target audience so that your Home Page welcomes your ideal customers. You’ll learn more about what exactly you offer your customers and discover how to present that offer. You will explore examples of great Home Pages to create your company’s own swipe file. 

Finally, I will talk you through three separate Home Page templates created to give you a strong starting point. 

After you’ve created your perfect Home Page, you won’t be left on your own. You’ll have the opportunity to join our community of small business owners in an exclusive Facebook group – The Copy House. Along with our community, you’ll receive feedback from professional copywriters who will challenge and inspire you to create copy that converts. 

So brew up your favorite cup of coffee, get excited, and let’s get started.

P.S. If you want to chat about your copy, schedule a quick call here.