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Now that you know Who You Serve, it’s time to share your menu of offerings. You have to Know Your Offer. Remember, there are companies like yours out there (whether you can find them or not). But in the 7 billion people on the planet, you are the only one that has your stories and your experience. 

That makes you unique. 

So share that uniqueness with the world!

Think about the features of the product or service you offer. Features are simple descriptions of your product or service. We’ll use these features to help brainstorm benefits. 

Benefits are the reasons customers choose to buy your product or service and how you ultimately make their lives better.

At FocusCopy, we are big fans of documentation. As much as we’d love for our team to automatically know what we’re thinking, it’s not really possible. Documentation makes it real. Keep track of your features and benefits in your Home Page Planning Worksheet, so you can keep a consistent vision with other members of your organization. 

Start with something as simple as the table below. Write all the features and benefits of your product or service so that you (or your team) can reference them in the future. 

Brief Description
Where Prospects Can Find This


Open your Home Page Planning Worksheet and scroll to the Features and Benefits section to begin work. Once you’ve completed that section, return to the course.