The home page is the hardest page to write, but it’s the most important.

If you haven’t updated your home page recently or need to launch your website, this template was created with you in mind.

Access the same framework we use to develop copy for over 50+ brands.

  • Prompts for each section
  • SEO guidance
  • Planning strategy to optimize your copy

More details here.

We’re so glad that you’re taking the right steps to producing a home page that resonates with your audience and encourages them to take a specific action (hopefully, an action that leads to a sale).

At FocusCopy, we use templates to give us a framework to build something that converts. 

Our goal is to save yourself and your employees hours in future content development. However, some templates may feel clunky or inorganic. That’s why we created this framework to help you skip through the hard part of staring at a blank page and prompt you in your website copy.


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