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How can we help you?​​

We are not in the practice of or even want to serve ourselves by stuffing our services down your throats (gross!). Instead, we genuinely want to hear about what you’re experiencing and why. Then we help you filter through the chaos to find your critical path to accomplish your company’s goals and objectives. It may not be what you think it is! Ready to get started? 

What It's Like Working With Us

85% of our clients are in what we call a progressive relationship (AKA any human relationship).

We start with something easy – a small project. It’s not a huge commitment. If you don’t like us, then you can move onto the next guy. Although we hope that never happens, we totally get it and encourage you to find someone you like working with.  

Then we take on something bigger and requires a little more commitment from your company. 

This is where the magic really starts to happen. Your marketing suddenly becomes hyper-focused on your customer and your customer notices. 

They start buying quicker and more frequently. 

We’ve scored BIG for your company. 

At this point, we’ve increased conversion rates, decrease cost of customer acquisition, and improved profitability. Win-win-win! 

Our big goal for any client – small or big – is to provide value to your customers, improve buy-in, and scale the business. 

Every relationship is different, and we like it that way. Wherever you are, we’ll meet you there. 

FocusCopy Services​


[noun]: the act of writing text to persuade or convince a reader to take a specific action (often used in sales and marketing).

Digital Copywriting

Update current web pages and landing pages to convert better into sales. Then add new landing pages that are more focused and clear for your target audience.

Voice Copywriting

Video sales letters and webinars can be extremely effective if the script is constructed correctly and with the right copy.

Print Copywriting

While much of the world operates digitally, there is a physical component to marketing. Create a lasting impression with effective print copy.

Copywriting Audit

Discover where you are strong (and weak) in your existing copywriting, then get a game plan for improvement.

We're Not Like Other Copywriters

We are not like the others… Our team is comprised of digital marketers, business owners, entrepreneurs, visionaries, consultants, and strategic partners. Companies that work with us find that we are more than just copywriters.

Analytics Drive Copywriting Decisions

Using analytics and customer feedback to drive changes

Holistic Copywriting & Marketing Strategy to Grow Your Entire Business

Growing your business, not just converting one sales letter

Strategic Partnership

Advising you on other areas of the business and connecting you with the right people

Results Based & Quality Driven

Producing high-converting and high-quality copy.

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

Growing quickly but need to maintain quality and processes? Develop SOPs that your employees will want to refer to every time.

Employee Training Manuals

Onboard your new employees more effectively and quickly with training manuals.

Processes & Procedures

[noun]: a series of steps to accomplish a specific task, often proven to result the same way every time.


[noun]: the creation, communication, delivery, and exchange of value-driven offerings for customers

Lead Generation

Generate valuable leads and make lemonade (sales) out of lemons (cold traffic).

Funnel Builder

Build a funnel that works to bring in sales (even when you're sleeping).

Social Media

Connect with your customers on the platforms they spend their time on.

SEO Audit

See how your rank on popular search engines and get to the top of the 1st page.

CFE Framework + FocusCopy Services

Gain Clarity

What Are you Selling? And What does your Customer Want?

Get Focused

Focus on 1 product and 1 audience... Then Show ALL the benefits!

Execute Successfully

See the magic happen!

Ask Us Anything About FocusCopy Services

About Copywriting Process:

It’s easy as 1, 2, 3.

1) Contact us to let us know you’re interested. Be sure to share your availability to talk.

2) We meet over coffee or jump on a call to discuss all your needs, your customers, and your product/service.

3) After we agree on the next steps, we will send you a Statement of Work (SOW). Sign it, and we’ll start typing away. 

We hire only the best copywriters or hire those with great potential and train them on our methods – basically creating copywriting prodigies. We like to pride ourselves on our team’s writing ability. Our copywriters are also spread out over the United States – who doesn’t like remote work? If you want to see individual writing samples, contact us.  

Well… It depends. Each company has a different brand voice and customer.  We tailor our copy to each client’s needs and will adopt the client’s style guide as appropriate. We test the copy through 3 criteria on before it leaves our hands. Is it clear? Is it focused? Has it been executed effectively?

Absolutely! We want to create happy clients. Each piece of copy is allowed 2 revisions. If you are still not satisfied with the copy, let us know immediately and we will reassess why it’s not meeting your needs and how we can fix it. 

Although we have never had that happen, we do respect that some clients may not be satisfied. If you are not completely satisfied and we did not add value, you will not have to pay. 

Business Details:

Great question! And we’ve debated about it extensively. Each client is unique and requires different things from FocusCopy. As a result, we only provide pricing in our proposals. It’s listed extremely clear and there’s nothing to hide.

Cash is best ;). If not, we prefer payment via ACH or credit card. We are flexible and want to work with you. Talk to our team if you need to pay using a different method. 

The client owns the copy. We reserve the right to use the copy as writing examples; however, all confidential information and mention of company name will be removed. 

clear and focused copy makes a happy client & happier customers

Who doesn't want that? Connect with us today to plan your next steps.

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