Lauren Jefferson

Lauren Jefferson is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of FocusCopy – a full service copywriting agency.

Over the last 5 years, Lauren has immersed herself in the world of digital marketing and entrepreneurship. It all started when an adjunct professor, Jim Wilkinson, called Lauren one day and offered her a marketing internship. He taught her everything about SEO, content marketing, email marketing, and membership management. 

Before he unexpectedly passed away in 2017, they came to the conclusion that if businesses aren’t communicating what they are selling effectively (or at all), then it doesn’t matter how good your branding looks, how awesome your product is, how reputable you are…. It just doesn’t matter. Clear and concise communication makes all this hard work matter!

When Jim passed away suddenly, Lauren was put to the test – no budget, no support, and no subject matter expert. She carried the company and actually grew it over the next 5 months before it was acquired by the current owner. 

The entrepreneurial bug bit Lauren and Jim’s legacy was sure to continue for years to come… So she stopped working for someone else and co-founded FocusCopy alongside Stuart Broderick.


Before founding FocusCopy, Lauren Jefferson was the Director of Marketing at The Strategic CFO – a boutique financial consulting and advisory firm based in Houston, TX. Her role consisted of:

  • Copywriting for their landing pages, sales letters, and email marketing
  • Content marketing for their blog and wiki
  • Product development
  • Customer Service for customers in 20+ countries
  • Sales for executive level coaching programs
  • Membership management
  • Social media management (45,000 + followers)
  • Hiring for retained search clients and new consultants
  • Email marketing to over 27,000 contacts

Everything had a common theme – it all required communication. 

Before The Strategic CFO, Lauren Jefferson was a student in the University of Houston’s Wolff Center for Entrepreneurship (#2 Entrepreneurship Program in the nation). During her tenure in WCE, she had several internships and projects that were integral to developing the entrepreneur she is today:

  • Industrial Design Project – branding a product developed by industrial design students and pitching it to manufacturers
  • Intellectual Property Commercialization Project – building a company around intellectual property and pitching the business plan to investors
  • Marketing Research Internship – explored markets for company to tap into and productize their services
  • Wolffest Project (CMO) – built a 3-day pop-up restaurant for WCE’s annual food festival; led the marketing and logistics; competed with 7 other teams
  • Wolffest Operations – created banking relationship and acquired new credit card readers with negotiated rate for event; allocated daily revenue to each team (total revenue $80,000+); operated fundraising platform that collected $20,000+
  • Business Development Internship – helped acquire over $20,000 of funding for a start up

Fun Facts About Lauren Jefferson

Learn more about Lauren Jefferson with a few fun facts…

  • Mentors a current student in the Wolff Center for Entrepreneurship 
  • LOVES coffee and will always meet up for coffee
  • Former dance choreographer and group fitness instructor
  •  A US citizen since 2010 (can you guess where she was born?)
  • Operates by the calendar – if it’s on the calendar, it is happening
  • Helps lead her bible study every Sunday and Thursday 
  • Married to the most wonderful person – Andrew

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