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The Idea Of Blogging Kills Your Buzz

Creating Blog Copy Causes Your Brain To Crash Before You Start

*tap* *tap* *tap*

There’s almost nothing more intimidating than a blinking cursor on a blank page. You know running a blog for your business will get you more website views, improve your visibility online, and draw in your target audience. But you don’t know where to start. And as the minutes tick by, your writing anxiety starts to take over.

😟You begin to feel the tension build up in your shoulders 

🥱Your AM beverage doesn’t have the same amount of kick that you’re used to 

😰And you’re starting to wonder what the heck you’ve gotten yourself into

You think…The words will come to me at any second.

But you feel defeated before you even get a word on the page. The point is…you’re NOT alone! However, the problem doesn’t disappear if you drink another cup of coffee. You still need a consistent blog for your business, so it’s time to readjust your strategy.

What Your Current Options Are & Why AI Isn’t The Solution

You put up a blog or two every month. So, what’s the big deal? 

What could be a rich cup of blog copy ends up being a super slow drip into your marketing when you aren’t consistent. Not only does this waste your time and effort, but it doesn’t bring your ideal customers any closer to your business. Online visitors count on industry expert blogs to educate and inform them about your business. (Psst…that industry expert is YOU!) Without an engaging blog for your business, you’re just another name in a crowded cafe.

Did you know that your role as a business owner might be to blame?

You’re Pressed For Time

Not to mention that the rest of your team is already maxed out.

Your Focus Needs To Be Elsewhere

You cannot be everything to everyone all the time (repeat this if it helps).

Consistency Is The Missing Key

Being a committed blog barista will keep ‘em coming back for more, but you just can’t seem to nail down the routine.

You Hate Writing

You won’t do something with enthusiasm if you don’t enjoy the process.

You Neglect SEO

There’s no one to read your blogs if they don’t include relevant keywords.

Your Audience Isn’t Interested

Without a routine strategy, how will you continue creating relevant content?

No One Likes A Bland Brand

Blogging for your business offers more than a few perks.

Boost Brand Awareness

Create a filter for your business and get more eyes on your services, website, social media pages, and so much more.

Raise Your Google Ranking

Infuse important words and phrases your target audience is searching for to appear higher in search results.

Repurpose To Stretch Your Content’s Life

Splinter your blogs into tidbits of useful information you can share across all of your other platforms because the content you can create from them is almost endless.

When You Blog With FocusCopy

Elevate Your Content Marketing

Access our proven process that’s been crafted, balanced, and refined after working with 140+ brands across the nation…and in a few other countries, too.

Branded Voice & Wireframing

Be recognizable with a unique voice, tone, and style. Set the foundation for successful storytelling.

Writing & Optimization

Move your organic traffic through the customer journey.

Reliable & Consistent

Become the top authority in your space when you continually show up in the marketplace.

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Your Content Baristas

We Pour Your Voice Into Your Content

FocusCopy’s team of dedicated copywriters have 50+ years of combined experience. Each writer works daily with entrepreneurs like you to keep your big dreams buzzing with new ideas.

Led by FocusCopy’s CEO, Lauren Jefferson, it’s a joint mission to support women-owned businesses like yours by providing high-converting copy to make your name stand out in a digital crowd.

So, once again, hello…We’re happy to have finally met!

How can our copy baristas caffeinate your business’s blog?

Blogging FAQs

A better question to ask yourself is…What can you consistently do? Making a commitment to produce any certain number of blogs without actually being able to do so doesn’t help. If you only have adequate time to write and publish a small number of blogs a week, start with that to build your content production up.

We’re a team of coffee-loving copywriters who love to help other businesses grow. We’ll get to know you and your business better with a Discovery Call where we’ll connect over a video call to chat about your business’s blogging needs.

You’ll also be able to reach all of us through a client-exclusive email if you have any questions, comments, or concerns. Prefer to chat face to face? Simply request to schedule a call with a member of our team to talk it out.

It’s a complex order for any business owner, but it’s one we often serve piping hot. Here are our 13 steps closer to sweet sips of success.

1. Discuss

Your approval for upcoming blog topics comes first, so we’re always writing content that’s relevant to your industry. Prefer to meet online for a few minutes to review your blog topics before we start? We’ll do it together to ensure your blog’s messaging is brewed just right!

2. Target

We answer your audience’s most common questions up front by traveling through their customer journey to see what they want from your business. This means using our notes to focus on exactly who you want to speak to, what you want them to absorb, how you want them to feel, and what they should do when they’re ready to get started. It sounds like a lot…but we have it all figured out.

3. Plan

Here’s where we research and generate keywords and phrases to optimize your content best. Whether we’ve had a topic review or not, we’ll use our detailed notes and additional research to outline your blog so it’s easy to read or skim – for those on the move and taking their advice to go.


4. Create

After a ton of careful planning and research, it’s time to write! We’ll create engaging blog content with SEO included, and your ideal customer destination at top-of-mind. Think industry insight, tips, and light bites of how your business solves their problems. You might think the work stops here…but not for us.

5. Add

Do you have sales material already on your site? What about an incredible offer you can’t wait to share with your customer base? These morsels of your business energize your audience to take immediate action, also known as the Call-To-Action (CTA). Here’s where we add the finishing touches to your blog by directly connecting your readers to your products, services, (amazing) offerings, and contact information to get them to work with you right away.

6. Count

When the first draft looks good, we make note of the word count to keep both quality and content on the table and well balanced. Both matter when your potential customers are expecting answers. So, what do you think…need a cup of java to perk you up yet? We’re only about half way through!

7. Check

We’ll go right back to the top to check that everything looks as it should, which means reviewing its readability, optimization, and CTAs. Because it’s our job to serve blog copy that’s error free and full of useful information for your target audience. 

8. Edit

We’ll manage our time to pass on all blogs to its assigned Editor. This step allows another professional word artist to read the content with fresh perspective and make any critical edits.

9. Check (Again!)

We’ll follow the guidance from our Editor to make any changes and perform one final proof before it makes its way to your inbox. Are there any links available? We’ll look again to be certain they’re clear and clickable.

10. Deliver

By now, our checklist is almost complete and we’re finally ready to let go and watch your blog bring in all the traffic. We’ll let you know when it’s ready and provide an easy way to make comments, suggestions, or ask any questions you might have.

11. Polish

Nothing is finished without your approval. This means we’ll ease any existing first draft jitters by making revisions (if needed, you’ll get 2 rounds of revisions). Don’t worry, you’ll be able to give it the go ahead before it’s published, which assures your blog’s messaging is just right.

12. Nurture

Have other connections that will want to offer their support? Share them with us so we can splinter your blog content into other digital marketing avenues that are easy to digest across multiple platforms.

13. Promote

We’ll infuse advanced tools like campaign development, crosslinking, email blasts, social media posts, and other items from our extensive copywriting menu. You can use them to continue sharing your wealth of knowledge and establishing yourself and your business as an authority leader in your industry.

We’ll gladly include a 30-minute topic review before we start writing. We’ll also include your complete and optimized blog of anywhere between 1,000 to 1,500 words with two rounds of timely revisions before final delivery. 

We don’t produce graphics, design websites, or manage and maintain websites for our clients. Looking for more? Reach out to discuss customizing your business’s blogging needs.

We’re pretty great at making magic happen. However, to get the most out of our blogging services, we suggest choosing our Fundamentals Package to get on the same page. We’ll meet in a 90-minute scheduled call to define your voice, tone, other aspects of your brand, and get it all down in a booklet we’ll use throughout our writing to achieve your long-term goals. 

Plus, you’ll be able to keep this well-defined brand voice guide for all your future writing needs – even if you decide to start writing all your blogs on your own.

Interested? Let’s get something on the schedule!

Ready To See 13x More Revenue??

You’re in luck – blogs are kind of our specialty around here.