CFE Framework

Our 3-Step Process To Craft The Perfect Blend Of Copy For Your Business

What’s CFE?

Clarity. Focus. Execute.

It’s 3 words to ensure the most efficient and actionable processes. Co-Founder Stuart Broderick developed this framework over 35 years ago and it can be applied to anything…Copywriting, marketing, financials, entrepreneurship, marriage, raising kids, and even making a cup of coffee. 

Clarity Affords Focus.


Ask & Collect To Build The Recipe

Before you can execute, you need to ask the right questions and collect all the information for you to get the full picture. When it comes to copy, you can ask questions like:

  • What are your expectations for this deliverable? 
  • Who is your target audience? And why will they read it? 
  • What actions and decisions do we want them to take after receiving the information?
  • What compelling reasons will drive them to take action (if appropriate)?


Stay On The Straight & Narrow

With all the details you collected, it’s easy to get overwhelmed or believe you need it all to accomplish your goals. Boil data down to the most critical and crucial pieces of information to reach your goal.


Brew A Cup & Drink Up

It’s time to connect the dots and see it all come to fruition. Don’t be afraid to test what you come up with! You may find that you need to improve the previous 2 steps to keep executing efficiently. 

Add A Little Focus To Your Copy Recipe