Email Marketing is Not Dead

But Writing Your Own Emails Is…

Can You Communicate With Your Audience If Facebook Or Instagram Shuts Down?

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Lauren Jefferson

Co-Founder & CEO of FocusCopy 

Houston, TX

Contrary to popular belief, email marketing is not dead. 

As a millennial, I didn’t believe it at first but then I found out why…

A lot of companies are moving away from, or at least not investing as much in, email marketing. But I argue that you need to spend more time on your email marketing communication strategy. 

Instagram. Facebook. LinkedIn. 

Followers are growing on those platforms. 

There’s just 2.89 Billion people on Facebook alone. Staggering numbers. 

But what happens when those platforms are out of service due to technical situations? 

Or worse… Go away?

Unfortunately, all your followers, contacts, ad campaigns, and communication strategies are out the door and gone. 

All that money invested is gone. 

Basically a disaster waiting to happen… And it will happen eventually.

When you build an email list, your company owns it – not some tech giant in Silicon Valley. 

AND when you nurture your email list, market to them, follow-up strategically, and use it to communicate with your customers, you are going to be wildly more successful than relying on someone else to get the algorithm right. 

So when it comes to building your email marketing communication strategy, there are a couple things you want to avoid…

Sounding like a broken record that still doesn’t connect to the reader…

Sending emails like Nigerian prince trying to give away a fortune…

Wasting money in systems without developing a strategy first…

Writing emails that continue to fall flat among your audience…

It is time to start building your email marketing communication strategy!

Ready To Build Your Email Marketing Communication Strategy?

So, what does an email marketing communication strategy look like? 

It includes the following:

It’s time to start building your email list… AND communicate with them with finesse and sound strategy.

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Why Choose FocusCopy Over Full Service Marketing Agencies?

What does copy have to do with email marketing?


Without copy (high-converting copy), you risk sending spam messages that get you stuck in spam, impact your overall deliverability, or worse… You email provider could shut you down.

Sounds scary.

There’s a whole host of laws, best practices, and strategies that goes into high-converting email marketing. 

I alone sent thousands – almost hundreds of thousands – of emails each month over the last 3 years. Every broadcast and campaign was met with challenges, adaptations, and complete overhauls. 

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Who Is Our Email Marketing Communication Strategy For?

Our email marketing community strategy is for the following:

Email Marketing Converts Nurtures

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