Impress Your Prospective Clients In Less Than 10 Seconds By Capturing Their Interest With Clear & Concise Website Copy

More Competitors Are Entering Your Space With Bigger and Badder Copy, Taking Your Prospective Clients Away From You.

They always say “first impressions last”… 

So when the average American spends almost 6 hours online every day… and when 100% of 18-29 year olds and 97% of 30-49 year olds are on the Internet…

That should be a HUGE wake up call to think about your website!

Look at Facebook Marketplace, Amazon, or Rakuten (who was built off of online shopping)… They’ve grown significantly, constantly improving, revamping, creating, and testing their messaging and copywriting.

Are you doing the same with your company’s website?

Copywriting for Websites

Whether you have been updating your website copy for years or you have left it alone, it’s time to think differently…

Every piece of content or copy on your site should be…

At FocusCopy, Our Copy Is Higher Converting Optimized Targeted

At FocusCopy, we know copy. 

We also know the Internet really well (and are constantly researching new algorithms, tactics, and updates)… Call us the Internet nerds!

That’s why when we fuse our copywriting skills and digital marketing skills, we generate more qualified leads, higher converting leads, and customers that practically hand over their wallets to you. 

Sounds crazy right? 

BUT it’s not because we do this everyday, and it’s magical!

So… What’s stopping you from making more sales today (and even when you’re off the clock)? 

It’s time to create a memorable first impression that will make your readers (prospects and customers) begging for more. 

P.S. Don’t wait too long to make a change and revamp your website copy because your prospects are looking for you now!

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