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Writing samples and experience aside, you need a copywriting team that you can trust. Let’s dig into what your business needs to power it to the next level – starting with the copy. 

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We are obsessed with quality. And while there are plenty of quality guest bloggers out in the world (you may be one of them), it would take us too long to weed through all the requests. Instead, we pour our attention into writing original and quality content ourselves. 

No, FocusCopy is not looking for email lists, lead generation services, SEO services, or whitelabeling opportunities. FocusCopy prides itself on being authentic and true to ourselves. That means building real relationships and keeping true to our core offer: copywriting. 

Because we do act as our client’s strategic partner, we are the place our clients turn to for resources. We are always looking to meet and connect with the following professionals: 

  • Graphic designers 
  • Public relation professionals
  • SEO agencies
  • Social media managers
  • Website designers and developers

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