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Just like you, we have a story to tell. Behind the daily hustle of our business, the FocusCopy team is a group of entrepreneurs, creatives, thinkers, and strategists. But we all come together for one purpose – to bring value to our clients’ communications assets through custom copy tailored to fit each task.










Why We Do It

We empower female entrepreneurs with the effective words and a strategic partnership to support their continued growth.

Breaking Ground To Something Different

It all started with a jolt of inspiration that came from a common problem all businesses face. Co-founders Lauren Jefferson and Stuart Broderick came to the conclusion that overly complex business communications impact business performance in many ways, including the following: 

Sales, Revenue, Delays, & Operational Errors

In the midst of daily operations, entrepreneurs, operations managers, and marketers sometimes forget that simple and direct communication is often times more persuasive and effective. Simplicity is readily understood and accepted by their audience (or the client).

Realizing the value in founding a company that could help bridge the gap between marketing efforts and business owners, Stuart and Lauren saw the opportunity and jumped at the chance to get started. 

Launched in August 2019, FocusCopy is a copywriting firm that works with clients as strategic partners – absorbing pertinent information about their company, industry, and target audience. FocusCopy helps its clients avoid some of the most shared communication challenges with clear, persuasive, and effective copy that reflects their brand.


Where We’re Going

With a supportive and uplifting culture, FocusCopy is creating a new generation of copywriters to further the success of female entrepreneurs around the world (and supporting them through the different stages of their lives/careers). 

The FocusCopy Promise

We never let any copy leave our office without our extensive quality check and proofreading. If we are not satisfied with the copy, then it does not leave our “office”.

Our Framework

Founded in 2019, we strategically partner with our clients to serve them well — post-pandemic and all.

A key part of our ability to serve clients revolves around our framework.

Developed and adopted by Stuart, the CFE Framework was born. This framework is crucial to our operations and can be used in many other facets of one’s life.

CFE is an acronym for Clarity. Focus. Execute.

This framework has been the crux for Stuart’s approach to everything he does. 

It’s a universal approach that lets him provide clarity about what the issue is, what needs to be done, and has to be communicated. Focus on the issue at hand, do not deviate from said issue, and plan the solution. Execute the plan exactly and convert the plan into reality and deliverables.

Lauren used that same framework to create a process that allows us to learn (and document) our client’s brand voice, understand their target audience, and write copy that effectively communicates our client’s solution – growing their business.

Our Copy Baristas

Andrew Jefferson

VP of Miscellaneous Stuff

Allyson Banner

Senior Copywriter

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