About FocusCopy

We Create Clear And Focused Communications For Businesses To Sell Their Ideas, Products, And Services Successfully

Our Mission

Bringing clarity and focus to all business communications.

Our Vision

To become our clients’ strategic partner for all business communications.

We Believe In the power of word.

The written word influences, evokes emotion, decides change, and so much more… 

If the right words are strung together in the right order, then they generate buy-in for YOUR business.

Learn about how we use words to impact businesses in their…

  • Sales and marketing strategies
  • Operations
  • Company culture

The FocusCopy Story

What happens when an entrepreneurial marketer and a 37-year cyber security expert join forces? 

Simple: they help you solve your business communications issues. 

Overly complex business communications impact business performance in many ways, including the following:  

  • Sales
  • Revenue
  • Delays
  • Operational errors

Entrepreneurs, operations managers, and marketers sometimes forget that simple and direct communication is more persuasive and effective. In addition, it is readily understood and accepted by their audience (or customer).

In fact, many issues originate because the English language is so complex and diverse. 

(For example, look at American English vs. the Queen’s English.) 

FocusCopy helps its clients avoid these communication challenges with clear, persuasive, and effective copy

About FocusCopy Services

So how do we bring clear and focused copy to businesses?

B2B Copywriting Services

Improve your sales conversion rates with words that work by effectively communicating the benefits of your products and services to your target audience and converting them into buyers.

Process & Procedure Documentation

Need to sell your ideas, products, and services to your team? What about maintaining quality by implementing clear process and procedures? That's what our processes and procedures services address.

Marketing Strategy

Build a full marketing strategy around your business and make every moving part more profitable.

The FocusCopy Promise

FocusCopy provides copy that clearly and easily articulates their client’s goals  – satisfaction guaranteed. 

Our Promise: We never let any copy leave our office without our extensive quality check and proofreading. 

If we are not satisfied with the copy, then it does not leave our “office”.

Who is Stuart Broderick?

So, who is Stuart Broderick? Stuart Broderick is one of the co-founders of FocusCopy. A 37-year cyber security expert, Stuart holds a Ph.D. in Physics. Often one of the most intelligent people in a room, he quickly grasps complex situations and distills them down into clear, readily understandable soundbites.

Over the course of his career, he has experienced a huge range of situations from the following…

  • Gaping security holes
  • Companies not understanding what they are required to do 
  • Organizations fumbling as they try to implement what is required of them

All of these situations stems from a single issue – a lack of a clear communication. 

People, teams, and even companies misunderstand what they should, are, and are not doing. This situation applies to virtually all aspects of business, including: 

  • Research and development
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Accounting

(If you want to read more about Stuart Broderick, then click here.)

CFE Framework

Stuart then developed and adopted a framework for solving a cyber security problem, building furniture, becoming a beekeeper, and even raising a bunch of kids…

It’s the CFE Framework.

CFE is an acronym for Clarity. Focus. Execute.

This framework has been the crux for Stuart’s approach to everything he does. 

It’s a universal approach that lets him provide clarity about what the issue is, what needs to be done, and has to be communicated. Focus on the issue at hand, do not deviate from said issue, and plan the solution. Execute the plan exactly and convert the plan into reality and deliverables.

You can read more about this framework here and how FocusCopy uses it in their day to day operations.

Who is Lauren Jefferson?

When Lauren Jefferson learned about this framework, she was in high school. It took a little time for her to see how easily miscommunication slips into business, projects, families and friends, and indeed much of today’s world.

As she completed her education at the Wolff Center for Entrepreneurship (WCE), the #1 entrepreneurship program in the nation, she reconnected with the CFE Framework.

Whether it was building a company around intellectual property or creating an online business for a 20-year old consulting company, Lauren made the CFE Framework part of how she thinks and produces… 

  • Clear focused content
  • Persuasive sales copy
  • Highly valuable informational and coaching products
  • Membership sites
  • And more…

It all made sense, kept the copy grounded, and eliminated any potential of miscommunication issues.

Lauren Jefferson is the CEO and co-founder of FocusCopy. If you want to read more about Lauren, then click here.

History of FocusCopy

In 2019, Stuart and Lauren co-founded and launched FocusCopy to bring clarity and focus to business to business communications. This full-service B2B copywriting firm learns every client’s needs, products, and customers so that each piece of copy delivered adds real value to our client. 

Do you want to increase sales and conversion rates in your business?

If you said "yes", contact us today to learn more about how we can help you.

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