Where Focus Meets Compassion

There’s a LOT of noise in the world and not a whole lot of love. When you pair focus and compassion together, you build a unique brand worth following.
In Our Business

There Are 2 Rules We Follow

…To create a bigger impact on entrepreneurs around the world.

When you have these 2 things, you will never fail

Why? Because people do business with people they know, like, and trust. AND you can’t improve upon something that hasn’t been created or written down.

  • Copywriting takes too long
  • It’s too difficult; I’m not creative
  • AI can do it for me; I’ll customize it later

…And it’s crippling your ability to be effective in your mission.

But We’ve Filled Ourselves With Excuses

But the reality is…

Authenticity & Systems Will Always Win In Your Marketing.

Breaking Ground To Build Something Different

We’ve created a unique blend of creativity and processes to be more effective in what we deliver, teach, and implement.


Publish high-converting and on-brand copy that adds value with each order.


Implement the tools to drive communication and automation in your business.


Document, implement, test, and improve processes over time for more efficient results.

Who We Serve


You’ve created something unique. You have a story to tell. Your audience needs your solution. But you may struggle with stringing the right words together to be effective in your marketing and sales efforts.

Marketing Agencies

You know how crucial copy is, but you may not have internal copywriting resources. Outsource your most time-consuming task and the to-dos that usually create a bottleneck in your business.

Service Providers

You desire sustainable growth in your business, but how can you differentiate yourself from every other service provider in your industry? There may not be a clear path to communicate differently.

Our Vision

To Further The Impact Of Female Entrepreneurs Around The World

We believe in entrepreneurship, and that female entrepreneurs have a perspective that is needed to transform our world for the better. That’s why we empower clients through done-for-you copy, marketing technologies, and copy systems to silence the fears that often cloud copywriting.

Behind Our Name, FocusCopy®

A key part of our ability to serve clients revolves around our framework.

Developed and adopted by Co-Founder Stuart Broderick, the CFE Framework was born. This framework is crucial to our operations and can be used in many other facets of one’s life.

Clarity. Focus. Execute.

Gain clarity about the issue, what needs to be done, and how to communicate it. 

Focus on the issue at hand, do not deviate from said issue, and plan the solution. 

Execute the plan exactly and convert the plan into reality and deliverables.

This framework allows us to learn (and document) our client’s brand voice, understand their target audience, and write copy that effectively communicates our client’s solution – growing their business.

FOCUS is the one thing that catapults growth for entrepreneurs.

You have a unique perspective that the world needs to hear. But you may struggle with finding the right words to communicate your value. 

We’ve created the systems and processes to write on-brand copy and partnered with technology to release those words into the wild. 

You don’t have to be shackled to your desk anymore. It’s time to experience life the way you intended when you went into business for yourself. 

And that starts with the words.

To Empower Entrepreneurs & Create Freedom In Their Lives.

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