Wireframe Your Home Page

This is by far your most important page you will write besides your actual sales pages. The home page is the first thing people see when they visit your website. First impressions are often the deciding factor for whether someone wants to invest any more of their time on your website. 

If you’re having a hard time figuring out what your home page should feel like, think of your home’s front porch. You lay down potted plants along the walkway or up the porch steps. There’s a welcome mat and a bright wreath hanging on the door. It’s an invitation to knock on the door. 

So they knock! And you answer the door.

It would be a waste of a porch if you never invited your neighbor in. Offer them a cup of fresh coffee and freshly baked cookies. 

Are they willing to step over the door frame and enter your home?

Well, it depends on how you invite them in. 

What Goes On Your Home Page

Going back to those 6 questions, you need to answer them to create an invitation worth accepting. 

  • What Do You Solve? Although everyone loves a good conversation, people don’t have enough time to chat without getting anything in return. Answer their biggest question – what problem are you solving for them? 
  • Who Are You? No one wants to walk into a stranger’s home. Make them feel warm by showing your face, sharing about your “family”, and greeting them with a welcoming handshake.
  • Who Do You Serve? You don’t want to welcome just anyone into your house. You built your company to serve a specific type of person. Any person outside of that scope is a stranger and they aren’t going to find any benefit in investigating your website. 
  • What Do You Offer? To the good stuff… It’s time to share your menu of offerings. Companies often jump to this section and forget about the rest. That’s why we’ve listed in as #4. Remember, there are companies like yours out there (whether you can find them or not). Position your offer in a clear manner that connects with your other answers.
  • Why Are You Different? It shouldn’t be a surprise, but there are probably other people who serve who you serve and offer what you offer. But in the 7 billion people on the planet, you are the only one that has your stories and your experience. That makes you unique. So share that uniqueness with the world!
  • Why Should I Trust You? Share your credibility with your audience. What makes you worth listening to? 

Home Page Template

Are you ready to apply what you’ve learned and start writing? 


Need to get some inspiration on home pages we love? Check these out.

Remember, there is no one-size-fits-all home page template. Feel free to customize it any way you like to answer your prospect’s biggest questions.