You know what they say…

The Tone Starts At The Top.

And the same goes for your home page! If you haven’t yet published your home page or updated it in the last 6 months, this home page template is for YOU. 

Your Worst Enemy To Publishing Your Home Page Is A Blank Page.

There’s nowhere to start and the blinking cursor keeps judging you. 

That’s why we created a home page template for entrepreneurial service providers to help them get over the hardest part – wireframing the page.

Prompts To Generate Ideas

Wireframe To Design Around The Copy

Questions That May Spur Other Marketing Messages

Good stuff! You can expect: 

  • Planning worksheet to map out what you want to communicate
  • Crash course on SEO
  • Wireframe with key questions to ask yourself as you fill it out

It depends. 

If you’ve already done the heavy lifting with your branding (identifying your brand messaging, brand voice, core offer, and target audience), you can knock your new home page out in as little as 30 minutes. 

Don’t fret though if you haven’t worked on your branding material yet! We ask some useful questions to get you started. Expect the home page to take a couple of hours to complete. 

You have lifetime access! Our Home Page Template is accessible by download and/or Google Docs. Simply make a copy into your Drive and you’ll have access to it for life.

Ready To (Re)Launch Your Home Page To Convert?

home page template

Learn how to answer the who, what, when, where, how that’s required on a company’s home page. With this template, you can get your new or updated website copy launched within a day. Access it today for only $9!

Get straight to the point and convert clients today.