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2 Issues Stop You From Writing Amazing Copy

You Hate Writing + You Don’t Have Time

But those common complaints don’t excuse your need for copy and content that connects, engages, and converts prospects into clients.

And AI Writing Isn’t Cutting It…Yet

You’ve been promised that AI writing tools will solve all your issues. But they are causing even more work with content verification, editing, revisions, and refining your prompts to get the results you want. 

The thing that is missing is your brand.

But how do you effectively communicate your brand? And systemize your messaging? 

You create copywriting systems that scale your words.

Your Marketing Deserves More On-Brand & Effective Copywriting (Without Leaving You Battling Constant Headaches & Writer’s Block)

And the key to that is…Implementing systems to scale your copywriting.


Is the blinking cursor taunting you? Never start writing on a blank page.


Navigate complex culture shifts while solidifying your brand in the marketplace.


Want to work with more clients that you actually want to partner with? Increase your market share for your target audience.

Introducing Copy Systems

Simple frameworks to make a powerful system that expedites the copywriting process without sacrificing the quality.

You know you need copy to make your marketing effective…But where do you even start? Copywriting before Copy Systems is daunting and overwhelming at best. That’s why we transformed our own processes into Copy Systems that any entrepreneur can set up and use easily to write copy that generates leads and converts prospects into clients.

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Module 1

The Key To Creating Systems That Scale

Mindset is key to a successful implementation. Whether you’re a fan of systems or completely new to SOPs, you’ll hear how we developed a culture where systems are the basis for everything we do. After all, systems are the one thing that creates continuity, consistency, and an opportunity for innovation.

Module 2

Building Your Brand Messaging Framework

Cozy on up with your brand (messaging). Build the exact statements that will catapult your copywriting abilities.

Module 3

Crafting Your Brand Voice Framework

You have a unique voice that should not be limited by your availability. Learn how to build and document your brand voice so that your readers never know you never wrote it.

Module 4

Infusing Customer Centricity

Refocus your marketing energies to center around your target customer. When they are the hero of your story, you grow leaps and bounds – bouncing off the walls with energy.

Module 5

Utilizing Copywriting Frameworks

Prime your marketing and sales collateral for success by having the words you need already produced.

Module 6

Scaling With Content Writing Frameworks

Never start with a blank page! Get everything you need to scale your content marketing without getting into a rabbit hole or writer’s block.

Module 7

Optimizing With AI Frameworks

AI? Yes, please…But with a framework and prompts that actually give you what you want.

Module 8

Scaling With Outsourced Writers

Maybe you don’t want to write but you still want to build a strong brand. We’ll share exactly how to communicate with outsourced writers to get the results you desire for your business.

Module 9

Maintaining & Optimizing Documentation

Implementing Copy Systems isn’t a one-and-done deal! No siree, it’s something that requires continual reflection and an occasional update to ensure your communications continue to align with your brand.

Module 10

Assembling It Into Copy That Converts

Complete the package by going live!

A $4,800 Value For Only $97 In Our Beta Program

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Build your Copy Systems in an easy-to-follow course and defeat the common roadblocks of copywriting.

See The Results For Yourself

Watch how copywriting becomes a natural part of your day-to-day without it feeling like copywriting.

Meet Your Copy Coach

Born Out Of A Desire To Scale

There are moments in life that dramatically shape our futures. 

For your Copy Coach, Lauren Jefferson, that moment was when her late mentor and boss unexpectedly passed away – without leaving any documentation for how to run his business. In an instant, she had lost a trusted mentor, dear friend, and employer without a plan to bounce back.

By the time she started FocusCopy, she kept that hard lesson in the back of her mind as she built her own systems and processes. As a result, anyone on her team could produce the same quality copy and communicate with clients similarly – all without her having to pull out her hair to get it done.

The only way she was able to do it was through the creation of what is now her Copy Systems. 

And that’s exactly what you’ll get inside this carefully curated course – a scalability system that takes the most important (and time-consuming) marketing task and transforms it into a skill you can use to mold your success. 

Basically? We’re using what we’ve learned from the past to help entrepreneurs like you write, rebrand, and build their way to a thriving future.

Let’s create your story.

Boost Your Marketing With Proven Frameworks Inside Copy Systems

Satisfaction Guaranteed

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Copy Systems FAQs

Once we close the doors to the beta program on April 12th, we’ll send you your login credentials and first steps on April 15th. 

As a beta student, all we ask of you is this: 

  • You go through each module and implement as instructed
  • You provide feedback so that we can improve, clarify, or even adjust the course material

That’s it! Your authentic feedback for a better experience with every new course.