Move Your Starting Line Closer to the Finish Line (And Free Up Valuable Time) By Investing In 5 Custom Lead Magnet Ideas.

We get you focused on your lead generation with custom lead magnet ideas.

The hardest part of creating a lead magnet is... Ideation.

It takes time, energy, AND it requires you to think long and hard about something that you’ll give away for free.

Economically… It doesn’t make sense. 

Your time is too valuable to be creating headlines and lead magnet ideas.

At FocusCopy, our mission is to bring clarity and focus to all business communications – with the first being lead generation. 

Whether you have a lead magnet idea and don’t know what to call it or have no clue where to start, our copywriting team is ready to move your starting line closer to the finish line. ,

Why invest in lead generation?

Do you like making sales? 

We sure do… That’s why we help build lead generation funnels to help qualify our prospects. 

And we do that with the help of lead magnets – something of value you offer to your prospects for free in exchange for their contact information. 

Essentially converting them from just another person into someone that has invested in you and your brand.

Our 5 Custom Ideas for Lead Magnets helps entrepreneurial businesses with a digital presence solve quickly create lead magnets by moving the starting line closer to the finish line. 

Our promise to you is to provide 5 unique, custom lead magnet ideas that are for your company to implement within a week.

And for a very limited time, you can get the following for only $9..

This is obviously worth more than $9, but we want taking the first step towards improved lead generation painless and easy. For this small investment, you are laying the foundation for your company’s success. 

Lead Generation Services

Start Generating Leads by Taking the First Step... Creating Something of Value.

$ 9
  • 5 Unique Lead Magnet Ideas
  • 5 Lead Magnet Names
  • 5 Custom Headlines

What's the catch?

There is no catch! $9 for 5 custom lead magnet ideas. And we’ll even put in a 30-day money-back guarantee. We want you to start generating leads and more sales!