Companies That Rely On Processes To Operate Shouldn’t Be At The Mercy of Rogue Employees

Protect Your Company From Relying on Processes That Vary Between Employees With The New Process Development Workbook

Rogue employees, sudden disappearances, and life events are risks that companies who rely on them for operating their business cannot afford. We developed the Process Development Workbook to speed up the documentation task…Protecting your company from potential disasters.

Questions To Ask
Step Process
Years of Documentation Experience

Start to Finish... Your Processes Finally Complete

In the Process Development Workbook, you can access the following...

What To Do Before You Even Start Writing The Procedures.

Jumping in the deep end without a plan just results in more work. Get the step-by-step plan of attack, including the very questions you need to ask before starting any documentation.

The Validation Process to Make Sure Anyone Can Follow Them Without Question.

The goal is for anyone to read and execute an operation flawlessly. To do that, validate it through our proprietary framework.

How to Organize Your Processes.

Procedures are incredibly useful to streamline operations. But if you cannot find them, then the time and money used to write them just went out the window. Learn how to organize your processes.

How to Write the Documentation.

Now that you understand what to do or how to organize them, it's time to write the documentation. Master writing procedures that make sense and can be replicated time after time.

Where to Publish and Store Your Processes & Procedures.

Finally, where do you publish and store your processes and procedures?

This book is for you if...

“Everything should be as simple as it can be, but not any simpler.”

Where This Process Development Workbook Originated

Over the last 30+ years, Stuart Broderick has written 1000s of processes for companies. 

It didn’t matter if the company had a couple of employees or was Fortune 1000, was located in the United States or in another company, or was in manufacturing, government, etc….

It just didn’t matter because writing procedures is all the same. The topic or complexity just varies. 

He wrote this Process Development Workbook because his strategy to write processes was too valuable not to share. 

What takes some companies weeks to do, he can accomplish in a couple hours (even less depending on the complexity). 

And you can access the strategy here for only $50!