Launch Your Website Copy Academy is a comprehensive program for entrepreneurs who want to protect every stage of their marketing efforts and desire to finally publish copy that connects with their audience.

Writing copy about you and your company can be a daunting task, but our promise to you is that you’re not going to be left alone. Inside of Launch Your Website Copy Academy, you’ll access an entire community of driven entrepreneurs who want to take their website copy beyond what they could do themselves.

By accessing the Launch Your Website Copy Academy, you’ll have a proven process to get those high-converting words on paper, ready for you to press publish.

By the time you’ve graduated, you’ll have copy that:

  • Defines your brand, its purpose, tone, and voice
  • Is well fleshed out, easy to understand, simple to execute
  • Takes less time to write because you’ve already done the groundwork
  • Sets you up for future success

Module 1 | Identify your brand voice to achieve conciseness and composure in everything you choose to write.

Module 2 | Know who you’re talking to and target your audience in the best way words possible.

Module 3 | Talk with clarity about the value your product or service offers your target audience.

Module 4 | Lay out a plan for your website, and ensure that you’re focusing on your main objectives.

Module 5 | Begin writing and make every aspect of your copy hit each goal with intention and confidence.

Module 6 | Before you hit publish, take a step back and review your own work using some pretty powerful tools.


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