Bring Clarity & Focus To ALL Your Business Communications With Our B2B Copywriting Services.

Sell your products, services, and even ideas with clarity and focus.

What We Can Do For You

With laser precision, we bring clarity and focus to your business communications. You need to sell your products, services, and even ideas. We help you create buy-in through the following B2B copywriting services.

B2B Copywriting

Improve your lead generation and sales with high-converting copy.

Processes & Procedures

Increase productivity, quality, safety, and ultimately profitability by implementing well-written and efficient processes and procedures.

Marketing Strategies & Solutions

Take your marketing and sales funnel to the next level by combining strategy with FocusCopy.

Who We Serve

We serve marketing agencies that need to outsource copywriting services and entrepreneurial companies who need help with their marketing and documentation. 

Entrepreneurial Companies

Wearing too many hats? Have a marketing team that is missing a good copywriter? Need to onboard employees easily, document processes and procedures, and improve employee buy-in? Partner with us and let us take the heavy stuff off your shoulders.

Marketing Agencies

Execute flawless marketing campaigns and strategies, but fail to implement it with effective, high-converting copy? We want to partner with you so your clients will be more successful.

Sell With Clarity And Focus Every Single Time

We are FocusCopy – a full-service B2B copywriting firm that brings clarity and focus into all business communications. 

Every company sells something…

Whether it’s products or services to their customers…

OR ideas to their team OR company to investors. 

Companies can have all the marketing/sales bells and whistles in the world, BUT if they do not have clear and concise messaging…

Those shiny objects don’t help their business grow as planned.

Kind Words From Our Clients

FocusCopy Career Opportunities

Taking Proven Copywriting Strategies & Making it Personal to YOUR Customer

At FocusCopy, we combine the technical copywriting strategies with the creative…

We developed a process for B2B copywriting that permits our creative nature to make your readers actually want to read the copy AND commit to what you are asking them to do.

Simply providing a list of features and surface-level benefits to get someone to commit to your offer has never worked. 

Our copy tags the core of your prospective customer and makes them want to develop a relationship with you. This is the start of the sales closure process. 

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