Are You Ready To Focus On Your Copy?

You have a voice that needs to be heard. Let’s craft your special roast and caffeinate your target audience to take action.

But First…

3 Things That Hold All Entrepreneurs Back:

Time, Yourself, & Lack of Systems

Before searching for yet another solution to the problem, let’s get to the grinds. There are 3 things that hold you back from your fullest potential as an entrepreneur. 

Time. You wear a million hats and there doesn’t seem to be enough time in the day to get it all done. 

Yourself. Whether it’s confidence, control, or not being able to delegate, there are inefficiencies that need to be optimized. 

Lack of Systems. This is the key to scalability. And without it, there is no room for improvement – only recreating wheels.

Focus amplifies your impact.

Our Caffeine

Simplify Copywriting To Turn Clicks Into Conversations

We do that by equipping businesses with effective and on-brand copy, implementing technology to drive you quicker, and providing you with systems to make you more efficient.

Copy → Technology → Systems

No Jitters Necessary

Find Your Perfect Blend

Take the stress out of being in charge of your own copy recipe.


Keap Consistency With Your Marketing

No, Keap isn’t misspelled incorrectly. But it may be the solution to implementing more marketing automation into your business.


Watch The Most Time-Consuming Marketing Task Transform Into A Simple Process

Copywriting can be daunting. That’s why we’ve developed the processes to make it easy for anyone to write their own copy (even using AI) and still be effective.

Copy Systems

Implement The Focus Framework

Starting from the Fundamentals, we’ll reveal our entire process to set your ongoing copywriting, marketing, and sales efforts up for success.

Copy Academy

Gain Tools To Create Better Copy

Boost your existing copy with templates, resources, examples, and more.

Coming Soon

Copy Resources

Systemize Your Copywriting & Marketing

Download curated, bite-sized resources to boost your brand’s flavor.

No, Keap isn’t misspelled incorrectly. But it may be the solution to implementing more marketing automation into your business.

Your Voice Needs To Be Heard

Let’s Create The Right Blend Of Creative Copy For Your Marketing

Our Approach

Pour Focus Into Your Copy

Sprinkle a little focus, a whole lot of systems and processes, and a partnership you can rely on to develop your copy assets.

1. Open The Door To New Possibilities

2. Chat & Strategize Over A Virtual Coffee

3. Commit & Start On Your Journey

We’ve Got A Brew-tiful Thing Going Here

Meet Your Copy Baristas

With over 50 years of combined writing experience, this power team is on a roll to write it all. Meet the faces behind Houston’s copywriting service.

The Top Up


Our blogs offer valuable advice for you to read over a cup of coffee.


Brew into your potential with our expert, hands-on, and always responsive services.

Copy Roast

We have a lot of special blends to share…Don’t miss our business elevating hot cups of knowledge.

Houston Copywriting Service FAQs

Copywriting is where we pair words together to energize your target audience to take action. This can benefit both your marketing and sales efforts.  

Copywriting is simply persuasive writing that convinces the target audience to take a specific action. Whereas copyright is the legal protection of something that you have created, written, or designed. 

For copywriting services, we always start with an onboarding call – the “Kick-Off” – then transition into wireframing and delivery. We keep it simple so that you can spend time on other profitable areas of your business while we do the heavy lifting. 

No, we don’t use AI to write any client copy. However, we do create AI prompts for clients to use – especially in our Systems.

FocusCopy works with amazing entrepreneurs who want to make an impact on the world. They desire a reliable and relatable strategic partner to help them reach their goals. 

We also partner with marketing agencies – branding, digital marketing, website design and development, SEO – as a whitelabel resource.

These are all great times to hire a copywriter:

  • Launching your company and want to start off right
  • Struggling to convert your existing audience
  • Implementing new marketing strategies (i.e. email marketing) 
  • Rebranding to be more authentic to your core
  • Outsourcing marketing tasks because you don’t have time anymore

Take A Seat & Let’s Chat

Step out from behind the counter, and let’s dive into what it’ll take to move your company forward with delivered-to-you copy assets.