FocusCopy Career Opportunities

FocusCopy Career Opportunities

We currently do not have any open positions. 

Don’t see a position that fits your skillset? Please introduce yourself and send us your resume. We are always looking for talented copywriters/marketers and would still like to connect with you!


Ready to pivot? Innovate? Create? As an entrepreneurial company, no one day is the same, and that’s the way we like it. While we have processes and procedures in place to ensure our work in 100% quality, we are ready to do whatever it takes to help BOTH our clients and YOU succeed.

Service Oriented

We serve everyone – our clients, teammates, vendors, etc. because we believe that if we approach “work” with a heart of service that we will be a better organization and ultimately better people.

Completely Remote

One way that we keep our costs down (and your pay higher) is by working remote – this also allows each employee to set up their environment the way they want. Think you’ll be lonely? Guess again. We are constantly communicating as a team to accomplish company goals and your personal goals.


This is not a company full of Millennials or Baby Boomers. It’s a mix of every age, generation, and background. Everyone has a voice worth expressing, and we want to hear it! For our clients, they experience a blended copywriting philosophy. 

What's it like to work at FocusCopy?

We are an entrepreneurial company at its core. We are all about partnering with our clients to help improve their business sales and operations. So, what’s it like to work at FocusCopy? 

We are very collaborative, leaning on each other’s strengths so that we can produce the highest-quality, high-converting copy for our clients. 

In addition, we are multi-generational. Our founders have 39 years between them, and that difference is what makes our copy different. We are always willing to learn from one another and improve our skills as copywriters.

Our Values

Many companies publish their values but it is not reflected in their company culture. That is NOT FocusCopy. Each hire is vetted based on these values. We would rather hire someone who has all the values we are looking for but not the skills just yet. We believe in hiring for traits, not talents. 

It’s all about FocusCopy.


Focus on what the target audience wants or needs to make a sound decision


No one way is the highway – that’s why we take an open-minded approach to everything we do.


Be clear in all communications and expectations.


We are a team, and we act like it. 

Servant Leadership

Serve the team and serve above all the customer.

Commitment to Customers

Our customers are #1 in our priorities, commitments, and schedules. 


Each team member is a leader and takes ownership of their work and domain. 


Our goal is to truly come alongside our customers as partners and develop a strategic partnership with them.


Say yes then figure it out afterwards… As a service oriented organization, FocusCopy is all about serving our customers (and each other) to the best of our abilities. It all starts with our willingness to say “yes”!

Our Team Members

Andrew Jefferson

VP of Miscellaneous Stuff

Allyson Banner

Senior Copywriter

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