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Copywriting For Businesses: We Write Copy That Simply Works. Learn more about the different types of copywriting we offer.

Website Copy

Is your digital brochure saying everything you want it to say AND is it what your customer is looking for?

Landing Pages

Close your sales at a higher rate by improving your landing pages.

Lead Magnets

Lead prospective clients along the customer value journey by first offering a value-packed lead magnet.


Turn your knowledge into a full e-book.

Video Sales Letters

Convert your landing pages into video sales letters.

Webinar Scripts

Offer value and convert audience members into customers on the webinar.

Print Copy

Before you print, make sure your print copy is worthy of printing.

At FocusCopy, We Write Clear More Effective Focused Higher Converting Optimized Targeted Copy.

Connect With Your Customer Every Time

Learn About How Our Copywriting For Businesses Can Dramatically Increase Your Conversion Rates

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When you are talking to the person behind the screen directly, that person is more inclined to connect, engage, buy-in, and hand over their credit card. 

When you go beyond just the first sale, you have the opportunity to convert that original customer into an advocate or promoter for your business.

Quite simply, people want to be known and spoken to in a personal way.

What's Trending Now In Copywriting For Businesses?

While we look at trends as fads or temporary fixes, these trends in copywriting for businesses have become best practices because…

It’s based on human psychology.

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