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You need lead magnet copywriting support if you…

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How It Works

Extract Enough Value Without Giving It All Away In Your Lead Magnets

Brand Messaging

Your lead magnet is the first date, so it’s crucial to make a lasting first impression where they remember you (and hopefully even engage with you).


Watch the framework of your lead magnet come together. This is where we refine the overall vision and gather the materials to build a high-converting lead magnet (don’t worry, we’ll walk you through it).


Equipped with caffeine and a pre-approved wireframe, our fingers race across the keyboard to create your custom list builder.


Now, it’s time to design and start generating leads for your business. Need a graphic designer? We have a partner for you. Need other assets to market your lead magnet? We’ve got your back – rush orders included.

What Is A Lead Magnet?

Whether you call it a downloadable, list builder, or free resource – you’ve likely used one yourself.

A lead magnet is a valuable offer, specific to a particular topic, in exchange for something – usually contact information. Lead magnets are great for generating leads; however, they must add up-front value.

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Make The Process Seamless

Automate Your Lead Magnet Delivery & Follow-Up With Keap

Don’t add one more thing to your to-do list. Set up automations so that an easy-to-fill-out form turns into an entire delivery and conversion mechanism. Support your list-building and business growth efforts today.

What To Expect

Lead Generation Starts At The First Hello

Let’s Shake Hands & Meet

You’ve finally found a partner that you want to sit down with and dive into your business’s marketing.

Start The Conversation

Chat about what you’re currently doing and where you want to take your business. We’ll help uncover several opportunities.

Move To The Next Stage

Watch your lead magnet come together in a seamless and easy-to-follow process.

The Proof Is In The Pudding Process…Show Your Value Up Front & Watch Your Business Grow.

Lead Magnet Copywriting FAQs

A copywriter will know what to extract to provide value and lead your prospects further down the customer journey. They won’t leave your leads hanging when they download your new content.

Marketing automation is a great tool to take tasks off your plate, follow-up frequently, and react to your prospect behavior more accurately. You don’t have enough time to do it all with all the hats you wear as an entrepreneur. 

Don’t know what to use for your marketing automation? Explore how we use Keap.

Absolutely! We can write all your blogs that funnel traffic into your lead magnet landing page which converts into subscribers. Then we can build your delivery and follow-up campaigns. 

We always suggest at least having one. But depending on the type of business and the lines of offers you have, it may be worth having several. 

Let’s chat to see what you need for your business.

Have you noticed recent social media outages? All of the sudden, platforms are down and you do not have access to your contacts anymore. 

By creating an email list, you are not held hostage to those social media giants.

While we do wireframe the lead magnet to make it easy for a designer to execute, we do not design lead magnets ourselves. However, if you need graphic design introductions, we have some amazing partners we can refer you to. 

Extra Tidbits

Copy Roast

Sip-sized emails to boost your copy.


Writing tips and advice.


Free copywriting guides and prompts.

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