Stuart Broderick, Ph.D.

Stuart Broderick is the Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer (COO) of FocusCopy – a full service copywriting agency. 

Stuart’s entire 37-year career has been focused around finding solutions for complex issues. That’s why he developed the CFE Framework


Stuart Broderick is the Security Services Director & Principal Engineer at an Information Security Company and co-founded FocusCopy while selling security services and developing solutions for security issues faced by Fortune 2000 companies

Some of his key responsibilities include the following:

  • Understanding what the customer wanted (and needed)
  •  Writing proposals and engagement letters
  • Closing sales of services
  • Presenting to executives
  • Delivering complex security services
 He was also a Customer Solutions Director at Cisco. There he helped customers address and solve their information security related issues using the most pragmatic and effective means available.

Experience at Symantec

 Stuart held multiple roles at Symantec, including:

  • Lead Technical Architect, Cyber Readiness & Response in the Cyber Security Group
  • Senior Distinguished Principal
  • Senior Distinguished Architect
  • Strategic Consulting Director
  • Senior Director
  • Technical Director

His responsibilities at Symantec included but were not limited to the following:

  • Cyber security consulting 
  • Response, organizational and process evaluation/analysis, standards and process development
  • Cyber security services development and update management
  • Delivery of high-level strategic security services in complex environments
  • Development and update of key Symantec strategic security services
  • Creation and publication of information security related internal and external whitepapers and blog entries
  • Trusted advisor to clients helping them understand, define, design, implement, and manage appropriate security strategies through tactical information security solutions that meet their current and anticipated business needs
  • Security product design, development, marketing and management of innovative security transformation services in conjunction with a strategic partner organization

His Education

Stuart graduated from the University of Leeds with his Bachelor of Science, Master of Science, and Ph.D. in physics, materials science, and physics respectively. 

Although his degrees were pure science and engineering, his goal was to learn how to think. Thinking is almost becoming a lost art as more of us jump straight to the Internet to find an answer to a question. Sometimes, the answer is right, sometimes wrong, and often vague. This is where the ability to think strikes most effectively. 

When you can break a seemingly impossible problem down into bite-sized issues, you can think about and solve. You can then build a solution to fix the bigger problem.

Fun facts about Stuart Broderick

Learn more about Stuart Broderick with a few fun facts…

  • Raises 20+ chickens
  • Builds custom furniture
  • New beekeeper
  • Has 4 very different now-adult kids (an entrepreneur, a financial analyst, a mechanical engineer, and a plumber)
  • Immigrated to the US in 1999 and has been a US citizen since 2010
Stuart Broderick

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