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Your Audience Demands Better From You.

Your Target Clients Want To Work With You; However, Your Current Site May Be Failing To Tell Them Why.

Launch Your Website Copy Academy is a comprehensive program for entrepreneurs who want to protect every stage of their marketing efforts and desire to finally publish copy that connects with their audience. 

Right Now... You Have 1 of 2 Options

You Either Force-Hire A Copywriter

The problem with this so-called solution is that you feel pressured and end up spending money on a service you aren’t so sure about.

And if you’re not careful about who you hire, you may end up with copy that is…

🤔 Strange to read (especially when you know your voice best)

👎 Filled with grammatical errors and spelling mistakes

🚫 Not optimized for search engines, affecting where you appear online

❌ Focused on the wrong things or speaks to the wrong person

Remember, not all copywriters are created equal.

Or You Spend Countless Hours Writing Your Own Copy (Without A Process)

For every client who has said that they’ll write their own material themselves, we ask, “what’s the plan?” 

Because more often than not, there isn’t one, which leads to a ton of potential issues such as:

☹️ Continuously missed internal deadlines

🚩 Unoptimized content that is either too long, too short, or a mix of both

💣 Copy that’s too focused on your business and not on your client

💸 A ton of wasted time and effort writing and reviewing

If You Care About Your Time, Revenue, & Building Relationships With Your Clients, We Have A Better Way For You.

A Process Designed With You In Mind.

We get it… Writing can be hard (if not impossible). 

You have so much to say, yet you don’t quite know where to start. Even more, your heartbeat increases with every second that passes as you stare at a blank page.

 We know (we’ve been there). And it’s the worst.

By accessing the Launch Your Website Copy Academy, you’ll have a proven process to get those high-converting words on paper, ready for you to press publish.

By the time you’ve graduated, you’ll have copy that:

More specifically, our process works through: 

Module 1

Building Your Brand Voice

Identify your brand voice to achieve conciseness and composure in everything you choose to write.

Module 2

Segmenting Your Customers

Know who you’re talking to and target your audience in the best way words possible.

Module 3

Specifying Your Offering

Talk with clarity about the value your product or service offers your target audience.

Module 4

Planning Your Website

Lay out a plan for your website, and ensure that you’re focusing on your main objectives.

Module 5

Start Writing Your Website Copy

Begin writing and make every aspect of your copy hit each goal with intention and confidence.

Module 6

Reviewing & Publishing Your Website Copy

Before you hit publish, take a step back and review your own work using some pretty powerful tools.

Launch Your Website Copy Academy Isn’t For Everyone…

Let’s discuss a few things before you decide to get started.

Who This Course Is For

Who This Course Is Not For

What’s Included With The Plan?

A Lot! But Let’s Look At It Together...


With these exact 6 modules, we’ve executed the launch of website copy for over 40+ brands. This tried and true approach is seriously the most comprehensive writing course (that the majority of isn’t about writing). We help you focus on the right things before you start to write – setting you up for success.

By the end of Launch Your Website Copy Academy, you’ll be able to publish at least 7 web pages – 7 opportunities to engage with your audience.


A blank page is the worst thing you could start with when writing copy. That’s why we’ve included web page templates that get you started.


A blank page is the worst thing you could start with when writing copy. That’s why we’ve included web page templates that get you started.



Build something that will serve you for years to come. This is the exact template we use to help our clients define their voice and diversify their writing bench without compromising their brand.


Need inspiration? We’ve compiled our favorite web pages into a single place for you to get creative.


Need support? Have a question? Want feedback? That’s what our private FB group – The Copy Academy: Copywriting For Busy Entrepreneurs – is for. Inside, you’ll access weekly coaching calls from Lauren Jefferson and other resources. 


Don’t want to follow our recommended timeline? No worries! You get lifetime access to this content – including any improvements, iterations, etc.


$2,797 Value

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Not Convinced Yet?

If your copy is speaking to the wrong audience or simply isn’t what it should be, you could be losing customers with each passing day.

Your copy says a lot about you and your business. If you don’t feel confident about it, think it lacks oomph, or doesn’t entice you to make an action right away… chances are your target audience feels the same way.

Nothing says you still can’t get it done. 

However, you’ll only be pushing back your own deadline and delaying your success. So it’s advised that you stick to the 30-day plan to get the most out of the course.

But if you don’t finish within the 30 days, you still have lifetime access to the content you’ve created.

Even if you haven’t written since the last time you were in school, these courses are designed for business owners just like you to follow along without worry.

Every lesson is broken down into various parts so that you can spend some time understanding each goal before having to crank out a single word.

At the moment, these courses are all in English. But you don’t need a special degree to be able to follow along. As long as you can read and understand English, these courses are made for the writer who has little to no experience writing copy.

Through Launch, all brand new copy written by is good for 1-3 years. 

But the best part? Moving forward, you can use the same skills you’ve learned from the Launch course to readjust your copy as needed beyond the expiration date. Because part of our focus is providing business owners like you with elevated tools you can use throughout the lifetime of your company.

Ready To Brew A Plan For Your Website Copywriting Needs?

Don’t waste another second losing a potential customer to copy that’s a little more than... blah. You can write your own copy. All it takes is getting started.