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How We Use ClickUp to Manage Our Content Production Calendar
Processes & Procedures

How We Use ClickUp To Manage Our Content Production Calendar

If there is one thing we do better than other copywriting firms, it is managing our content production calendars. It’s critical for our business to succeed and would normally require a lot of preparation and planning. But our professional copywriting business uses a management application called ClickUp, packed with features

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what to look for when hiring content writers
Content Marketing

What To Look For When Hiring Content Writers

How do you know what to look for when hiring content writers?  You’re a small business owner, which means you must justify every cent of your budget.  As a writer, it’s my job to delve into my creative superpowers. However, as a business owner, I also understand why it’s hard

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difference between copyright and copywriting

What’s The Difference Between Copyright & Copywriting?

In-person conversations about what we do often lead to a subplot about the difference between copywriting and copyright. And no, it’s not annoying…despite how many times our parents ask about copyright law… But there is a big difference between copywriting and copyright law. For starters, one is a term for

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Out Of Office Notifications

Why Your Out Of Office Notifications Need Sprucing

It’s vacation time…  But that doesn’t mean you need to get lazy on your out of office emails.  In fact, this is an opportunity for you to spruce up your copy and see some real traction.  So where did this conversation come from?  Greg: The Originator Of Original OOO Emails

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call to action swipe file

Build Your Call To Action Swipe File To Write High-Converting Copy

Do you ever sit down to write your business copy and have no idea where to start?  Everyone gets writer’s block, but how are we supposed to overcome it?  Instead of putting off writing for your business again, do what the professional copywriters do…Open up your call to action swipe

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common website mistakes business owners make

3 Common Mistakes Business Owners Make When Launching Their Website

Small business owners will spend between $2,000 and $10,000 to build a new website.  Many business owners understand it takes a little time to pick up traffic, but what if you don’t see any improvement? You’re getting no new leads, no phone calls, nothing is in your inbox, and you’re

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