Places You Should Share Your B2B Content

11 Places You Should Share Your B2B Content

In an age of influencers and content creation, businesses are forced to participate in content marketing

But what happens when you actually produce that content? 

It’s a waste of time to create content and never repurpose, splinter, or repurpose what you’ve created. That’s why we created a list of different places you should share your B2B content. 

So let’s stretch your content’s value as far as possible!

What Is B2B Content? 

B2B content is content developed expressly to add value or develop authority with other businesses. While you may have consumers that read your content for whatever reason, the primary target audience is other businesses. 

What Are The Places You Should Share Your B2B Content? 

Here are 11 places you should share your B2B content. 

Your Blog

First things first…Make sure that your content is optimized for search engines and is posted on your website. Do not neglect the power of SEO and organic traffic! For one brand that we posted weekly blogs for 2 years, we grew their organic traffic from a million hits a year to 7.5 million hits. 

Need help writing SEO’d blogs? Let’s chat about your content marketing and traffic goals. 


Medium is another great platform, similar to your blog, to post original content. Keep in mind that they do have pretty strict publishing guidelines here. 


We love LinkedIn! It’s not only a great networking tool, but it’s also fantastic for building one’s brand. When you post your content, be sure to post it both on your personal page and business page. You can do this in the form of posts, articles, or newsletters. 


Email marketing is by far one of the most effective but underrated places to share your content. Not only does it have the highest marketing ROI out of any strategies, but it allows you to have a little more of an intimate conversation with your audience. And when you develop the relationship, you are more likely to convert that prospect into a paying client. 


Like LinkedIn, Facebook should not be underrated. While it may be a struggle for some to master the ever-changing algorithms, post on your personal page, business page, and any groups you’re part of. With Facebook Groups, make sure that you’re abiding by the rules or guidelines the admins have set for that community.


If you have an audience on Twitter, it’s a great platform to splinter your content into bite-sized pieces of content. This is also a great platform for speakers or authors to create quoted content. 


This forum platform is a fantastic way to not only answer questions you know your audience is asking, but also answer questions directly. And while you’re posting, you may as well get a few ideas of what you should create next. 


Alignable, meant to be a small business networking site similar to LinkedIn, is a great opportunity for you to either post your new content or slip your content into conversations with those in your network. 


From Reels to posts to stories, there are so many opportunities for you to share your content on Instagram. With almost 2 billion monthly active users (Hootsuite), there is so much potential for your target audience to get their eyes on your content. Give it a try!

Google Business Profile 

Previously called Google My Business, your Google Business Profile is a fantastic way to prove your company’s legitimacy, boost SEO, garner testimonials, and update prospects with your information. But did you know that a weekly post on your Google Business Profile can help support your visibility in Google? Give it a try for a couple of weeks and let us know how it works out. 


Pinterest is probably one of the most underutilized SEO platforms out there. It isn’t just a pretty virtual board. No ma’am, it’s a search and eCommerce beast. While we’re personally working on our Pinterest and finding out what drives traffic to FocusCopy, personalities like Jenna Kutcher have seen tremendous growth.

Start Boosting Your Content Marketing Impact

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