Launching Our New FocusCopy Logo

From our humble yet strikingly motivated start in 2019, FocusCopy has evolved greatly over the last 18 months. And we couldn’t be more excited! 

Read on for the big reveal of our FocusCopy logo. But stay to chat with us as we brag (just a little) and talk about how COVID-19 has impacted our clients.

What You (And We) Have Been Waiting For: The New FocusCopy Logo

Before going into depth behind our new logo and color scheme’s meaning, we’d like to set the stage. One of the most common things we hear from our strategic partners is, “I have no time to write” or “I hate writing.” As copywriters who love our craft, don’t worry; we don’t take this personally. We understand that you have more important things to do. This is where the foundation of our design takes root.

focuscopy logo
focuscopy logo
focuscopy logo

The new FocusCopy logo is a more accurate representation of who we are… Modern, powerful, and versatile.

Happy To Be Here

We’ve grown so much as a company. We continue to meet with clients who are all looking for the same thing – quality copywriting that adds value to their business.

As the pandemic hit, people have scrambled to make sure they can still give their customer base the services they deserve. We are no different. 

Part of our structure revolves around time. For our clients, time is something that they often wish they had more of – or endless amounts of. By stepping in and taking some of the responsibilities off of their plate, we can help them concentrate more on what matters most… Their big picture. This type of focus is critical, especially during a time where nothing is certain.

We have assisted clients in: 

  • Pivoting their businesses away from having conversations about filing bankruptcy to hiring people onto their teams because they’ve grown so much
  • Creating consistency in our clients’ blog and email schedules (including over 107 blogs just in 2020)
  • Improving the readability of communications assets and increasing SEO ranking of their blogs 
  • Connecting with others to create meaningful networking efforts

Are You Looking For More From Your Marketing Efforts?

Don’t waste another second of your valuable time feeling unheard and overwhelmed. We’ll work with you to understand your voice and stay loyal to your business. If you know you need copywriting help, contact us today