Credibility Factors To Include On Your Website

5 Credibility Factors To Include On Your Website To Win Your Next Client

Just about anyone can be anything these days.

With online courses and straight ambition to get it done, you don’t need a college degree to be whatever you want to be (except for some more professional roles). 

While that is freeing and amazing in our opinion, it also means that there’s a lot of people who say they can do it BUT they aren’t necessarily the best to do it. 

That’s why it’s more critical for you to establish your credibility online than ever before. We call those the credibility factors.

What Is A Credibility Factor?

Credibility is “a measure of how believable and trustworthy your marketing is perceived to be” (Unbounce). When you present credibility to your audience, you are helping them hedge their risk in engaging with you. And there are several ways you can accomplish that on your website – the credibility factors – which we’ll cover in this blog. 

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Why Include Credibility Factors On Your Website

With Nigerian princes and long lost cousins, it’s reasonable to understand why so many people are skeptical. As a business owner, you need to be able to effectively communicate to a stranger what you do and why you are the person or company to hire. And you do that through either certifications or social proof – two of the most popular credibility factors. 

Here are a couple reasons why you need to include these factors on your website:

  • You are a safe entity to do business with
  • You are equipped to do the work with efficiency and quality
  • Other people have trusted you
  • You are reliable 
  • You are recognized publicly

Where Should You Put Credibility Factors On Your Website

Depending on your style of website, there are several places that you can place your credibility factors on your website. Those include: 

  • Directly underneath the hero banner (first section of the page)
  • After a call to action
  • Before the final call to action 
  • Where you need a transition 

5 Credibility Factors To Include On Your Website

Don’t know where to start? Here are 5 credibility factors to include on your website. You by no means need to include all of these. But try to include at least one factor on each page of your website. 

1. Trusted By

If you have been listed as a preferred provider for a well known company or entity, include those logos. When you associate your business with other well known organizations, it communicates to your audience that you took the time to get certified, have good relationships with other providers, and do good work. 

Credibility Factors To Include On Your Website

2. Credentials

If you have been certified by an authority or certifying organization, include those seals. In addition, you can also include any awards or recognitions that you’ve received. 

If you are a newer business and don’t have any of the following factors, this is a great one to include. 

3. Social Proof

People do business with people they know, like, and trust. But how do you get them to know, like, or trust you when you’re a complete stranger? You prove to them that you are worthy of them knowing, liking, and trusting you. And you do that by providing social proof. 

There are three primary ways that you can display your social proof.


Testimonials or reviews are our favorite ways to display social proof. Even more so than that, you can actually use your customers’ words in your overall marketing. They don’t tell you to speak your customers’ language for nothing. 

If you don’t have testimonials, ask for them. Here are a couple of ways we’ve collected reviews:

  • Collect feedback at the end of a project, type up the review, and send them an email with the review and platform links
  • Send an email campaign to get reviews
  • Call them up and ask for it directly
  • Offer them a spotlight on your email newsletter or social media platforms in exchange for a testimonial
Credibility Factors To Include On Your Website

Case Studies 

What better way to prove you can solve a problem than to show how you’ve solved a similar problem before? 

Write a brief summary of an issue a customer encountered and how your business provided a solution with positive results. Make sure to drop keywords of the services provided, how your existing processes made it simple, and why your business is always willing to go the extra mile.

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As an introvert, I’m really good one on one. In group settings, I am the least effective connector. That’s why I often go to networking events with at least 3-5 people beside me. But I learned that even though I did all the work and connected with over 1,200 people over two years, my cold audience had no clue. 

So I had to build in marketing that literally proved that I was well connected. This could look like listing my strategic partners, telling client stories, tagging clients and partners on social media, and placing client logos on the site. 

4. Press Mentions 

If you’ve been mentioned in the press, been a guest on a podcast, or shown up publicly as an authority figure, then yell it from the rooftops. This credibility factor is often shown as the “as seen on” sections. You know the ones with the Good Morning America, Forbes, and Entrepreneur logos. 

5. Warranties Or Guarantees

You heard what I said at the beginning of this blog…Credibility hedges risk. When you offer a warranty or guarantee, it also hedges any risk that might come from someone investing in your business. 

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build a business with a book

How To Build A Business With A Book

When you’re questioning how to build a business with a book, first thing’s first. Try not to think of your book as another deliverable you need to rush through to reach the end product. 

Because it’s so much more than a deliverable. It’s a tool. And it’s a pretty powerful one, too.

I get it… You could spend a ton of time and money getting your book written, published, printed, and wonder if it’s all going to be worth it. But what you should know is that it absolutely will be worth it if you keep in mind that it’s one of the most impactful tools you’ll have on hand.

By writing a book for your field, you can use it in every single avenue of your business. From inspiring others and giving advice to increasing sales and enforcing client relationships, read on to find out more or watch this in depth video with author of 20+ books and founder of Plug & Play Publishing.

How To Build A Business With A Book

According to Weston Lyon, building a business (especially a service-based business) can start with a book. And there are several reasons and strategies how to get there.

Become & Be An Authority Figure

You have a wealth of knowledge and countless amounts of experiences in what you do. Writing a book can set you up as an authority figure within your industry. Clients want to hear about what they’re searching for from the experts who know best. They’re much more likely to trust whatever is said when it comes from you – a business owner and entrepreneur. 

The best part about writing a book and using it for your business is when it covers a topic you’re passionate about, the sky’s the limit. And your clients can sense that as well. You’ll keep them engaged, and they’re more likely to turn to you in the future when they’re searching for reliable and professional information. 

Check out Weston’s free Authors Confess guide to avoid any mistakes in becoming an authority.

Stand Out From The Competition

Let’s put it this way… If potential customers are faced with a company who performs similar services but sees you’ve published a book about it, who are they more likely to choose?

We know who we’d pick!

Chances are, there are a variety of other businesses just like yours. But how many of them have a helpful book, or even a simple guide, giving their audience the information they commonly have questions about?

Hear us out… Because you don’t need to be able to cover complex material or be the next Elon Musk to put a book together. Your credibility lies within your ability to run your business – knowing the ins and outs of what you do. 

For example, if you’re a fitness guru and want to bust some common myths you’re tired of hearing when it comes to health and wellness, write your own book about it! You’ll automatically shine among the rest of the competition.

Market, Market, Market

Picture it… You’ve finally published the book you’ve been dreaming about for so long. Now, what do you do with it? Make it part of your marketing strategy and see a return on your investment. One of the biggest mistakes you can make is not using your book as a part of your business model.

Take advantage of your hard work and build a business with a book by using it at:

  • Trade Shows
  • Speaking Opportunities
  • Other Marketing Or Networking Events

Don’t forget to use it throughout your social media by offering tidbits and tips to keep your audience hooked and wanting to learn more. Incorporating your book into marketing your services can help you generate leads and convert more people into higher-paying clients. 

Let your book sit around unappreciated, and you may find yourself feeling stuck. A book with quality substance should last you for years to come. Don’t be afraid to use it for that long! Get everything you can out of your efforts. 

Trust In Your Legacy

If you can connect with others who share a love for your work, believe that you’re contributing to something bigger and trust yourself. It takes a lot of courage to put yourself out there and create something that could live on for years to come.

Your book doesn’t have to stop at someone’s coffee table. Consider this: if your clients and readers take your word to heart, there’s always a chance they’ll tell someone else about you. This means your book can change hands when the time is right – inspiring others to read what you’ve written and continue the pattern.

Once you’ve done the hard work, it’s okay to be proud of it, too.

Gain Testimonials & Strengthen Client Relationships

Once you know people have read your book, get their feedback. If you were able to help someone out, then ask them to send you a testimonial. And use it on your website, social media, and wherever else your book shows up.

What’s really important here is that you truly listen to what they have to say about it. Taking in positive and constructive criticism can help strengthen your relationship with your clients and ensure they feel heard. It’s true. Not everything you hear will be easy to take in, but it can help you and your clients in the future to know what they think.

Retain Clients & Share Your Expertise

Already have a solid client base? Offer your book as an add-on to the services they already pay for and watch them be amazed. They’ll wonder how you have time for it all, which is great. Keep them wondering how you build a business with a book, and maybe they’ll go to you to see how it’s done. Allow them to take part in the conversation with your expertise leading the way. 

Having a book to showcase your years of involvement in your business can help clients see how: 

  • Dedicated you are to your craft, no matter what it is
  • Willing you are to share your knowledge with others
  • Motivated you are to keep your legacy moving
  • Committed you are to your clients by providing quality information they can use

An Interview With Book-Writing Genius Weston Lyon

build a business with a book
Weston Lyon
Founder of Plug & Play Publishing
Author of 20+ Books

Okay, you have a laundry list of benefits you can count on and the know-how to build a business with a book. Are you interested in learning more? I met (virtually) with the founder of Plug & Play Publishing to discuss how to build a business with a book in depth.

We know you can’t wait. Click here to watch Wondering Whether Writing A Book Is Your Next Step?, and download his free Authors Confess guide here.