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How To Edit AI Content From A Professional Copywriter

You did it! You just used AI to write for your business but now need to know how to edit AI content to best fit your brand. 

Here’s the thing about AI…It isn’t new. A few old examples of AI you’ve likely seen and used include PC games like chess and solitaire. It also includes systems that are constantly updating and advancing like GPS and spellcheck. 

The difference between those versions of AI compared to recent developments is that businesses are implementing it more often in their marketing strategies. AI is incredible for automating certain aspects of business marketing like scheduling social media posts, generating catchy hashtags, etc. But these days, AI “writes” entire blogs using information pulled from the internet.

Unfortunately, AI isn’t perfect. And it requires a little human oversight – hence why you need to edit your AI-generated copy. 

So if you’re  struggling with editing its generated content efficiently and effectively, learn how to transform generic AI copy into content that fits your business.

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3 Steps You Should Know To Edit AI Content Effectively & Efficiently

If you’re a business owner who’s just used AI to write your next blog, you may notice something critical…AI-written blogs don’t completely make sense the first time around. 

You’re probably telling yourself…

Why does this look like a mess?

I’m not sure this even makes sense.

It’s a good starting point but not quite what I was expecting.

Yep, we’ve been there! Here’s how to edit AI content and still produce valuable information for your audience. 

1. Read Through Forward & Backward

Before doing a quick spellcheck and hitting publish, take a second to read it to yourself. You might notice a few major issues like:

  • A lack of human emotion
  • Odd wording or phrases
  • An absence of creativity
  • Incorrect information

Looking at everything at once might feel overwhelming and that’s okay. Start by reading it to yourself and aloud to find what it is that’s missing. Jot down your thoughts and consider the main point of what you’re trying to say. Does it mostly hit the mark or do you need to be more specific about your prompt?

Instead of using general ideas to produce AI content, try being more specific with your prompts by using phrases like…

  • Write the top 10 ways to ensure your coffee stays fresh at home
  • Discuss the top 5 coffee-producing countries in the world and their cultural practices
  • Come up with 15 different hot espresso holiday recipes

…to get content that’s closer to what you want.

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2. Measure Against Brand Standards

Whatever you decide to publish should match your brand and the main goal of your messaging. If you need help figuring this part out, answer the following questions:

Who is your audience? Your audience cannot be everyone so get comfortable narrowing it down. If your AI content seems too generic, think about what’s missing for your audience. If they have any specific pain points, call them out and be clear about the solution you’re offering. 

What is the point? There should always be one minor point that you’re trying to make in your writing. Using ourselves as an example, we’re here to be your copywriting expert, professional, and friend to help you scale your business through DIY writing and other tips. We don’t gatekeep our writing secrets, and we genuinely care about giving you the tools needed to communicate effectively.

However, we also understand that most business owners simply don’t have the time or staff available to produce creative content for their businesses. In fact, most small businesses have no employees at all. This is why we offer our copywriting services as an alternative.

What tone or emotion are you trying to portray? You must be able to identify the right tone and voice for your brand. As you read through your AI content, edit wherever you notice words or phrases you like versus ones that you would never say. Don’t be afraid to mark up the document as you see fit.

If you normally speak to your audience casually, add your own language to make it sound that way. If it sounds too relaxed, edit the sentences that need tightening up. 

Depending on the length of your piece, we suggest not spending more than the following amount of time editing…

  • 15 minutes for an email of about 300 words
  • 30 minutes for a web page of about 750 words
  • 30 minutes for a blog of about 2,000 words
  • 5 minutes per social media caption of about 150 words

If it’s taking longer to edit AI content than is worth your time, it’s a good idea to reach out to a team of professional copywriters for assistance.

What is your main call to action? There should be one action you want your target audience to take. Whether you want them to give you a call, schedule a consultation, or sign up for your newsletter, it should be easy to locate and clearly defined.

How many words? This is an easy one. Once you’ve nailed down your other editing needs, simply highlight all of the text you have and conduct a word count. If anything is missing, add in what you need to complete its purpose but don’t force it. Anything you add should offer value to your content without compromising the quality of your writing.

3. Test Facts, Metrics, & Sources

Being a top expert in your industry comes down to a single characteristic: you’re a reliable source of relevant information. Because AI pulls various bits of information across the internet to produce content, it will be beyond vital to fact-check or change anything inaccurate or half-true. The last thing you want to do is be known for producing content that your audience cannot genuinely depend on. Doing so can harm your credibility and business reputation more than you may realize.

(NOTE: Google released its E-E-A-T – experience, expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness – as one of the mechanisms to evaluate content. So be sure to add in your own personal touch to be rewarded in your SEO efforts.)

Don’t forget to do a routine check for spelling and grammar before publishing your newly edited AI content across any platform. Following these steps might sound like a lot at first. Practicing these steps on how to edit AI content for your business will help you become more efficient and effective at doing so over time. Before you know it, editing AI content will become second nature to your process.

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