What Is A Lead Magnet Funnel?

What is a lead magnet funnel and why do businesses use them?

Chances are, you’ve become a lead for another business using a lead magnet funnel to attract customers. If you have your doubts, ask yourself if you’ve ever given your name, email, or phone number to a business to…

Download a PDF for research?

Access an online guide?

Download a free book or checklist?

These are all examples of lead magnets or list builders.

There are free lead magnet templates online you can use to attract customers and funnel them into your sales communications. BUT your copy matters. From the lead magnet itself to the copy that generates leads to downloads and beyond, the words require your utmost care — especially if you want to make a real impact on your marketing. 

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What Is A Lead Magnet Funnel & Do You Really Need It For Your Business?

what is a lead magnet funnel

Also called a lead generation funnel, a lead magnet funnel has one main goal. The goal is to convert potential customers into leads by convincing them to give up their contact information in exchange for something of value. 

You need to add the right messaging to convince your target audience to provide their information. This is why many businesses choose to hire a copywriter to produce a high-value lead magnet and ultimately convert more customers. 

But before digging into your messaging, here’s a big-picture view of what your lead magnet funnel should look like – broken down into 5 key parts.

1. Landing Page

Your landing page is where the bulk of your persuasive messaging lives surrounding your lead magnet. It helps to outline this page before you begin writing anything to get a better understanding of its purpose.

Your lead magnet’s landing page should include: 

  • Your offering and what’s included in it
  • A genuine understanding of your customer’s pain points
  • Customer benefits of using your lead magnet
  • Information about you and your business
  • Call to action buttons throughout
  • Customer testimonials

Your landing page should walk them through the thought process of why they should download your lead magnet. Because we know that people want to buy from businesses that they feel like they know and trust, your copy should answer any questions they might have and establish a real connection. Without adding in the human element, your customers are less likely to convert.

Be sure to add call-to-action buttons that align with your lead magnet. Whether it says “Download Now” or “Submit Information”, these buttons should be kept simple and easy to find throughout your landing page.

2. Thank You Page

Don’t forget to thank your customers for taking the time to give you what you need to remain connected. Your thank you page should be simple and concise. It helps to offer general information on this page along with your thank you message. Think about offering the answers to questions like…

What can I expect next? Tell them what they should be receiving and what they can look forward to by connecting with you such as insider tips, promotions, etc.

Can I connect with you on social media? Plug in your social media accounts somewhere on your page. Those who are interested are more likely to follow you right then and there.

What if I have more questions? This is one aspect of a thank you page that many businesses either forget or choose not to include. Avoid making the same mistake and be sure to add your business’s contact information in case your customers want to reach out to you for any reason. Adding this information says that you’re helpful, friendly, and responsive.

If you really want to take things to the next level, include your next call to action on this page. It may be to convert leads into paying clients with a low dollar offer or book a strategy call with you. 

3. Delivery Email

Have you noticed a theme so far? 

Savoring simplicity in your layout and writing is what aids in keeping your audience focused on the one main action you want them to take. This is why, in addition to your thank you page, we suggest following up in an email with your deliverable attached. This email should be sent as soon as they submit their information on your landing page. 

Again, quickly thank them for their part in the process and allow this email to serve as a delivery of your promise to give them the lead magnet they signed up for. Keep this email short and add your contact information, just in case.

4. Deliverable

What should your lead magnet deliverable include?

The short answer to this is whatever you think will be valuable for your customers. In more detail, it helps to offer information or a how-to that your customers may not easily have access to. Each lead magnet should be able to help your target audience do 1 thing they couldn’t have done before, learn something new, or gain more insights on the topic. If it takes too long for your audience to process and/or implement, it’s too complex to offer as a freebie. 

For example, we offer several free downloadable guides packed with information that we know can help clients who prefer to write their own business copy. From how to answer business FAQs to what you should know before setting up your website, these are the types of lead magnets that we use because they offer value to our customers.

The top 4 types of lead magnets businesses create are:

  • Downloadable PDFs
  • Case studies
  • Resource lists
  • Videos

Think about pairing your lead magnets with a clean look and content that is easy to digest. 

5. Follow-Ups

Don’t know where to start when following up with your customers? Try using a 3-email series that sounds like…

Thanks for downloading our About Page Framework! Have you had a chance to check it out and apply it to your website to gain traffic and rank higher on search engines like Google and Yelp? Feel free to reach out and let us know if you have any questions or feedback. Decide you don’t want to write your own copy after all? Schedule a discovery call and get fresh website copy delivered right to your inbox.

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Been busy? If you haven’t had time to look at our About Page Framework, that’s okay! We’ll write your website for you. Schedule a discovery call to get started right away.

Follow-up emails allow you to remain engaged with your customers and offer solutions they should really think about moving forward.

You Don’t Have To Create Your Lead Magnet Alone

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