5 Different Copywriting Formulas To Convert Prospects On Your Services Page

Writing is a funny thing. 

Put the right letters and words together… You get a sentence. Plus, there are endless combinations of letters and words you can use to help find exactly what it is you want to say.

But what happens when you feel like your business’ writing could use a little help?

Put yourself in your customers’ place, and evaluate how your business’ website looks to an outsider.

Imagine they hit your services page only to be left confused about what it is you do, how you can help, and why they should care. At this point in the buying process, they’ve left (bounced) from your page and are currently browsing your competitor. 


Here’s something you should understand right away… Your copywriting could be perfectly fine – meaning your spelling is all good, grammar checks out, and it flows well. But if you aren’t seeing any conversions, it could need a little bit more oomph

And there’s nothing wrong with that!

There’s always room for improvement, right?

While all marketing gurus out there have their own spin on what copywriting formulas work best, most of them boil down to a few key basics.

So, do you feel like your copywriting could use an extra boost? 

Read on to find out the most effective and efficient copywriting formulas you can use to get it on the right track.

Copywriting Formulas To Use To Help Your Prospects Get Your Message (And Convert Into Customers)

It certainly helps to be a marketing expert when it comes to copywriting. But that doesn’t mean you can’t do it! Here are 5 different copywriting formulas to use for your services page.

1. The Four C’s

Let’s start with four C’s of copywriting, which looks as follows:

  • Clear. Say what you need to in a simple way that reads well. This means you should use different formatting methods to make it easier to read through your content.
  • Concise. Make it meaningful and snappy. You may have a lot to say about your services, but the average reader is a master scanner and will only read about 20% of the text on your page.
  • Compelling – Keep things interesting by showing off your business’ personality and relate to your readers.
  • Credible. Stay true to your brand and rely on honest messaging for your customer base. Otherwise, you lose credibility and increase your chances of ruining your reputation.

2. The Four U’s

Let’s break down the four U’s of copywriting:

  • Useful. Be helpful and make sure you have something to offer your reader.
  • Urgent. Give your reader a little push to make a decision fairly quickly. This works great for sale or booking-related copy.
  • Unique. Present yourself in a way that both makes sense and grabs your reader’s attention. What is it that’s so special about what you have to offer?
  • Ultra-specific. It helps to get right to the point and lay it all out there. Be specific on one big idea. Avoid being vague. No one likes to take a guess when it comes to trusting someone else with their time or money.

3. Bridge After Bridge (The Dream Team)

This is a popular yet simple formula you can use to draw your customers in by using lighthearted copywriting.

You start by presenting your prospect with their dream… You know, the way they envision themselves at their peak. Then offer how you can help.

If you run a counseling business, you may offer up their dream that looks like all of their problems are solved. 

For example, “You’ve moved on from the depression you felt after your divorce. Your children are happy, and you feel like you’re finally able to breathe again. You’re starting over, but you no longer feel so alone. We can help get you there through counseling that works for you and your family.”

Here, we’ve presented the dream for someone who may be having a tough time with a divorce. Then we offered a solution that could compel them to immediately make a choice and get help.

Remember, the dream plus the solution is simple but effective.


Here, we’ll take a look at AIDA and what it means.

  • Attention. Get your reader’s attention with captivating copywriting that gets right to the core of it.
  • Interest. Hold your reader’s attention with information or data that discourages them from making a quick escape from your page.
  • Desire. Allow your service or product to speak for itself by laying out its benefits.
  • Action. Ask (respectfully) for your customer to take an action such as “Call Now” or “Schedule A Consultation”.


The term PARIS is a newer formula from creative copywriter, Ashlyn Writes, that adds a slight twist to some classic concepts.

  • P. Identify your reader’s problem and keep asking, “So what?” until you get to the core of their wants and needs.
  • A. Go ahead and agitate the problem and make sure your services speak only to the reader’s specific needs. If you have all of your services on one long page, you’re doing it wrong. Break them up to make each service more tailored to your customer and easier to digest.
  • R. Remember their ultimate dream? Remind them what they want and drill in their overall objective.
  • I. Try to relate back to your initial point or argument and keep them interested with new information or a fact (a shocking statistic will work just fine).
  • S. Here’s where you offer a solution – better known as your business. Pitch your services and be transparent about pricing and what you have to provide.

Turn Your Copy Into An Asset By Practicing Different Copywriting Formulas For Your Services Page

Investing in your copy sounds like an extra step that you aren’t sure you should take. But poor writing costs businesses “close to $400 billion every year.” 

So isn’t it about time to take your website’s copywriting seriously?

We hear you. Writing for your own business may not be something you have the time for. You may not have the resources or know-how to go about quickly and successfully implementing different copywriting formulas to use for your services page.Here’s where we can help establish your goals, write your copy for you, and increase your revenue over time. Contact us today to get started.

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