How To Indoctrinate New Prospects Into Your Brand

As a business owner, do you indoctrinate new prospects as much as you hustle to market your content to the right audience?

When running a business, converting your audience into paying customers is key to turning profit and growing your brand. This is what we call the indoctrination process, and it’s all about nurturing your leads.

Don’t forget to indoctrinate new prospects into your brand. This portion is often skipped; however, it needs to stay at the forefront of your marketing. From the lead magnet that prompted a lead to give you their email address, that welcome email that locks in their interest, all the way to following up after a purchase is made. And don’t forget about your website copy, blog content, exclusive offers, and so on. 

2 Steps To Indoctrinate New Prospects Into Paying Customers 

Indoctrinating new prospects starts with the lead opting in with their email address.

Next comes the welcome message, but it doesn’t end there. 

Welcome Your Lead Into Your Business’ Culture

You’ve done something right so far because a lead has opted in to receive your emails. But we all know how emails go. If it’s not done right, then we quickly hit unsubscribe because we don’t want an irrelevant chain of emails clogging our inbox. 

So how do you capture your audience’s attention and get them excited about what comes next?

On top of writing copy that represents your unique brand voice, your friends at FocusCopy write in a way that will indoctrinate your leads into your brand. 

Because at the end of the day, what good is great copy if it’s not converting leads into paying customers?

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Introduce Yourself In A Relevant Way

So this takes a bit of finesse. You want to introduce yourself – but in a manner that is relevant to your product or service. 

Talk about who you are and how your business exists specifically to make your customers’ lives easier. 

However, you also want to keep it fun, light, and engaging. After all, people want to feel like they’re communicating with a person – not a bot.

Furthermore, this email might contain that special offer your audience opted in to receive. So make sure you include that piece of value. 

Then, to finish it off, give your audience a little taste of what they can look forward to with your future emails.

Focus On The Prospects Wants & Needs

In your next email to your lead, let them know that you understand their needs. They wouldn’t have subscribed in the first place if there wasn’t something that sparked their interest.

So the key here is to keep that momentum going while offering value to their own life or business.

To do this, you want to focus on their pain points and the solutions you provide. 

For instance, consider a hypothetical health food company, Raspberry Blue, that is pushing their new beverages. It’s no secret that there are tons of competing businesses out there. So this (fictitious) company needs their audience to understand why their product is the best option.

How do you do this? Tell them the benefits!

Raspberry Blue has been shown to improve cardiovascular health, give you that pep of energy to get through your day, and is a healthier alternative than your mid-day snack. Did we mention their drinks are low in calories, contain no added sugar, and are ultra low in sodium?


If you’re in the market for healthier alternatives due to a recent diagnosis of high blood pressure, wouldn’t you want to at least give it a shot?

We definitely would!

Show Your Prospect How Your Business Will Improve Their Life

By now, you’ve introduced yourself and your business. Most importantly, you’ve empathized with your audience’s pain points on a human level. 

Now, it’s time to really show your prospects how your product or service will improve their lives. 

Give examples, provide testimonials, heck – you may even offer a money-back guarantee. Because at this point, if they’ve opened and read 3 whole email newsletters, then you’re definitely doing something right. 

And like all communications, point your lead in the direction you want them to go. Whether that’s Order Now! or a link to your product or service page, make this next step easy. Tell them where to go and provide a direct link.

Don’t Leave Your Leads Out In The Cold

Here’s where we see business owners fumble the most. 

You’ve created content, utilized marketing tools to reach your target audience, and they are engaged! The proof is in the opt-ins to receive your emails.

Moreover, you’ve been sending them newsletters with value. They know you, they know the benefits of your product or service, and while they haven’t made a purchase yet, they haven’t hit unsubscribe. 

While you don’t want to bug them with a ton of emails and texts, you also don’t want to leave them out in the cold. 

This is where your conversational content keeps you looking human and your leads interested. Just because they haven’t given you their money yet, doesn’t mean they won’t.

Maybe they’re budgeting their next quarter, or maybe they just need a little more convincing. Either way, don’t give up on your leads. 

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Continue Nurturing Your Leads With Value-Driven Content

The same care you put into your email newsletters should also go into every piece of content you create.

This means website copy, blogs, social media, texts, direct mailers, and so on. Stay in touch and stay relevant. 

Furthermore, if your audience is reaching out, despite not being paying customers, continue to engage. Doing so builds trust and credibility.

That being said, we’re not telling you to offer your services for free. But you can answer questions and give pointers. If the requests are encroaching on the services your business provides, direct them to receive your services as a client. And let them know why!

With a paying customer, you’ll be able to devote a whole lot more attention, and you’ll be personally invested in that person’s success. But again, it takes finesse. 

Continue to show up in their inbox with intriguing newsletters that contain backlinks to blogs to your website. Not only will well-written blogs with SEO improve your Google ranking, but you’ll be continually offering something of value that is relevant to your ideal customers. 

Need Help Indoctrinating New Prospects Into Your Brand?

Don’t fret! 

Your friendly copywriters at FocusCopy would love nothing more than to discuss your business goals over a warm cup of coffee. We help entrepreneurs just like you narrow in on your brand voice and utilize our tools to establish and grow your brand.

So whether you don’t know where to start or just don’t have the time, you can still reach and engage your target audience. After all, if you’re not indoctrinating prospects and converting leads into paying customers, how will your business become the success you envision?

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