What’s A Pain Point Sandwich? (And How It Makes A Big Impact On Your Copy)

Does your business’s copy include a pain point sandwich?

What’s a pain point sandwich?

We’re glad you asked! 

Good copywriters know that connecting with an audience means more than talking solely about a business and its offerings (yawn).

We like using pain point sandwiches in our writing because it’s fun, establishes trust, and really does make sense! 

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Why It’s Beneficial To Talk Less About Your Business & Include A Pain Point Sandwich Instead

If you take a moment to glance at your business’s website copy, does it sound like you might be heading in the me, me, me direction?

It’s time to switch it up, especially if the phone hasn’t been ringing for quite some time.

If you’re a business owner, this might be tough to grasp. But it rings true with every kind of copy we’ve come up with that has performed beyond our client’s expectations. This is because we’re using client-focused copy to… 

  • Build trust by reaching them on a human level
  • Keep the attention on the target audiences and their problem
  • Provide a meaningful solution without being too salesy

Every single one of these items is a key to achieving your ultimate goal – turning readers into paying customers. But it all starts with understanding each element at its core to really get the big picture.

What’s A Pain Point Sandwich?

A pain point sandwich looks something like this…

Pain point → Don’t have the time or capacity to write your own website?

Solution → Hire professional copywriters to do it for you!

Pain point → If your website is failing to give you strong potential leads, it could be because your copy is outdated, unclear, or otherwise unconnected with your customer base. We can help!

See? You don’t need a magic formula or extensive research to simply call out your customers’ pain points, offer a solution, and remind them of other pain points that give your solution real value.

Why Pain Point Sandwiches Work

Humans are forgetful. In fact, it’s been reported that over the last decade or so, our attention spans have been reduced to less than that of a goldfish (Time). And since that report, I can only assume it’s gotten worse with content overload, the boom of short video content, and the isolation that the pandemic brought to many. 

That’s why it’s imperative to use pain point sandwiches in your copy – to remind them of the pain point they just read about. The more they resonate with the pain point, the more likely they are going to be open to buying from you. 

Using You Instead Of We Is Life-Changing

Almost 70% of customers feel as though they must trust a brand before they make a purchase. So when you write and speak to your audience like a real human being, you’re able to build some of that much-needed trust as soon as they reach your website. 

Along with that newly established trust is the opportunity to turn a website visitor into a buying customer. And the more you speak their language, the more chance you have at transforming them into a repeat customer. 

The best way to do this is by swapping I, us, and our language for you, yours, and we wording. This way, you are still able to share your business’s message while offering authentic copy your customers can relate to. 

Your Customers’ Pain Point Examples Deserve A Callout

Remember, your business cannot exist solely because of your need to make money. Yes, profit is a big part of what you do. But you also need to reassure your audience that your company’s purpose is to make their lives easier. 

Try to switch up copy you create to call out your customers’ pain points. This is one surefire way to remind them that you know what they’re going through and that you’re committed to solving their issue.

Here are a few examples of our own…

???? You can’t stand writing!

???? There is no room in your schedule to do it yourself – otherwise, you would!

????‍???? You don’t know how or where to start writing for your website.

???? You’re afraid that another person’s writing won’t sound like you at all. 

There’s no need to dance around the issues your customers face. You also don’t need to use this opportunity to talk only about yourself. Your potential customers want to be sure that you understand where they’re coming from before they can even begin to trust you. Only then should you talk about your business while maintaining a voice of empathy and connection. 

Define How Your Business Solves Their Problem

Whether you offer one spectacular service or a slew of various solutions, it’s important for your customers to know your business’s true value.

Remember those previous pain point examples? 

Let’s go right back to them and address the value of our offerings to our ideal customers.

FocusCopy exists to…

✅ Take the writing off of your to-do list.

???? Give you time to focus on your priorities without neglecting your digital marketing.

???? Put your mind at ease by providing a clear strategy and delivery timeline that works for you.

???? Relieve your worries by creating copy that’s consistent with your brand’s tone, voice, and style. 

There’s no catch! 

This type of copy works because we really do know what business owners and entrepreneurs go through when they’re thinking about writing for their businesses. 

Not everyone likes to write or thinks they’re even good at writing – and that’s okay! We understand and we’re here to solve the problem with copywriting services that we stand by 100%.

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Talk To Your Customers Using A Team Of Professional Writers

Creating value-centered copy is our house blend…our special brew…our personal choice all day, every day. 

Creating copy that resonates with our clients and their clients is something that we’re proud to dive into with pure focus and dedication. There’s nothing like looking at a blank page (most people’s worst nightmare) while our mind is churning with ideas to jot down.

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